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In the middle of a baseball game in the USA, the ball acquired such a reach that the ball fell on the stands. Fearing that the object would damage him, he stepped aside, but eventually it hit his girlfriend, at which point she turned away. trend in social media how Twitterearning innumerable criticisms for this attitude.

It all happened during a day of college baseballin which various moments have been captured during the present seasonboth good and bad, and many consider this footage to fit into the latter group, which took place last weekend.

A play gone wrong

The university cadres of TCU Horned Frogs y Kansas Jayhawks where the protagonist is a fanatic who, trying to prevent the ball from hitting him, left his girlfriend alone who, finally, received the impact of the ball, which in this sport has considerable hardness and weight despite its small size .

The event that concerns us took place in the sixth entrywhen the ball made its way into the stands on the side where third base is located, where a lonely couple was sitting.

The ball was going directly towards them, or that was the calculation that both made at first glance, but it was he who seemed most distressed by the impact of this object because, without much thought, he quickly moved away from the area. For her part, she only covers her face with her arms, but she had the bad luck that the ball hit her, which would have been avoided if her partner had protected her.

Users criticize him mercilessly

The footage was shared on May 14 from the account “11Point/: The College Baseball Podcast”which carries the following message to describe the moment: “The men in Arkansas they are not afraid of raccoons. The men in Kansas they fear foul balls. Be more like men of Arkansaspublication that has accumulated more than 710.7 thousand reproductions.

Immediately, users were not satisfied with the subject’s attitude: “He literally landed 5 rows in front of them, had no chance to catch him and no one thinks he’s going to bounce like that”, “2 rows, had plenty of time for the ball. Weak”, “If it had been in Arkansas, it would have been his sister”, “the way he left her to fend for herself; you better pray for this man”, “No amount of prayers will save this man. He might as well become a monk in a monastery now.”, “When was the last time someone from Arkansas won something? It was probably more than a decade ago right?



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