VfB Oldenburg almost in the 3rd league! Robert Zietarski scores twice in the 2-0 win at BFC Dynamo

Rafael Brand storms towards the guest curve and heats up the 600 fans who have traveled with him. They ignite Pyros and celebrate Robert Zietarski’s second goal.

VfB Oldenburg wins the first promotion duel 2-0 in Berlin. With his brace at BFC Dynamo, Zietarski opens the door to the 3rd division. Now VfB still has to go through. And in the second leg on June 4, the return to professional football after 25 years (2nd division relegation in 1997) make it clear.

Oldenburg almost up!

The north master shows an extremely calm appearance with the north east champion. Coach Dario Fossi’s team is focused from the start in front of 4270 spectators in the Sportforum Hohenschönhausen, doesn’t let the BFC get into the game, is the technically better team. Marcel Appiah signs off Berlin’s striker Christian Beck completely.

Only the last pass to the top doesn’t work. The solution: a standard. After an Engel corner, Zietarski heads in and hits the top left corner (28′). The halftime lead.

The hitherto harmless BFC comes out of the break more poisonous. VfB is lucky that after a nasty Deichmann mistake, Beck heads wide of the goal from four yards.

And a second time when Berlin’s keeper Dmitrij Stajili missed the ball after a Brand cross. So Zitarski can head his second goal. The fans celebrate: “VfB reigns here”.

Fossi: “Our match plan worked out great. We wanted to go into the game the same way and take Beck out of the game.”

But the VfB coach adds: “I’m glad we didn’t confirm that in the second half. That’s how we know we’re far from done. We have to step on the gas for another 90 minutes.”

BFC coach Christian Benbennek was visibly upset: “It went really badly for us.” His hope: “If we manage to score a goal in Oldenburg, then things will be exciting again.”

Or Oldenburg is in the 3rd division in seven days.



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