VfB Langenhagen eV – Loud screams in the sports hall

Loud screams in the gym

Children learn to defend themselves

Suddenly you can hear screams from the hall of the Friedrich-Ebert-School all the way to the playground on the street – what was going on there? Nobody was in trouble, but the judo kids from VfB Langenhagen and their friends learned to defend themselves and, in particular, to assert themselves. Perpetrators look for victims, not opponents! The course for the 6-9 year old children took place under this motto.

Course director Manfred Grabinski (6th Dan JuJutsu) proved that he also has acting talent in addition to his extensive experience in self-defence. What does it look like when someone is afraid? In this case in front of training partner Danni. And what does it look like if you don’t show your fear? Walking upright, making yourself tall, looking into your eyes and having a firm voice make an impression on others. So much so, that now Danni was the one who got really uncomfortable.

The children then immediately put their loud voices to the test, so that observers were sure to ask themselves what was going on. Playfully, Manfred showed the girls and boys how to seek help, but also how to offer help. Packaged in a fox and rabbit game, which is also fun, you learn along the way.

At the end there was a small test. How much can you actually remember to describe a perpetrator to the police? And above all: What happens if someone else claims the opposite? Many a child, but also the trainers at VfB Langenhagen, reached their limits. Because there were very different opinions as to whether the mini shopping trolley had a yellow or a red handle. At the very end, Manfred des Kids revealed how the memory can also lead to an increase in pocket money. The time passed far too quickly and since the course was a lot of fun for everyone, it will certainly not have been the last of its kind.

There is an impression of the course on the homepage There you will also find all the information about the sport of judo and our training times. – Oh yes: the shopping cart had a yellow handle.



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