Youth Sector – Under 15 Championship

2nd Phase of completion – Single round

Matchday 9 – one-way round

Sunday 15 May 2022 – in Borgo San Dalmazzo (CN) Palasport di Borgo San Giuseppe – 2.45 pm

Granda College CuneoVercelli Women’s Basketball 49-25

(partial: 15-4; 30-15; 39-20)

PFV Scoreboard: Dikrane 4; Giuliani 7; Dipace 3; Prinetti 4; Cavalli, Torazzo 1, Bari H.4; Fall; Nicosia 2. All .: Gianfranco Anastasio.

Last seasonal effort for the under 15 of the PFVstill away, in Cuneo and at a very inconvenient time 14.45, from where they returned 49-25 defeated by Granda College.

Low score, as mentioned, but above all very low the score of the Vercelli who were not able to exceed thirty points, which says a lot about their performance.

Classic end-of-season race, with nothing more to say, with the hosts at a normal level and the guests immediately struggling with difficulty, because they are already distanced in the first period quite firmly: 15-4.

In the second quarter the script was the same, except for the Vercelli scoring, which rose to 11 points, for a result of 30-15 in the middle of the game.

Numerically still remediable, in theory, but given the pace of play expressed, the match was practically closed.

And then in the recovery there was the usual drop in concentration and physical strength of the PFV formation in a third time from “ciapanò” (9-5) while on the same wavelength it was the last (10-5), up to the final siren which put an end to the race which, perhaps, neither of the two teams played with great desire, while honoring both their commitment.

Now it is time to reflect at PFV on the future of this Under 15 formation, which will have to be integrated both numerically (it has been too few times in the field this year) and technically, in order to be more competitive the year. next one.

Editorial of Vercelli



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