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May 17, 2022 8:50

2nd Quarter Sendai / Watanabe (photographed by Takeshi Ifuka)

On the 16th, basketball boy B2 Sendai played the third round of the playoff (PO) semi-final with Kagawa, who ranked first in the west area, at the Takamatsu City Gymnasium. We decided to advance to the final and promote to B1 next season.

Sendai will fight in B1 for the first time in six seasons since the 2016-17 season, the first year of the B League. This season, he came to PO in 2nd place in the eastern district of the league match. In the quarter-finals of the first match, which was the home base, he defeated Fukushima, who was third in the eastern district, with 2 wins and 1 loss.

The PO final will be held at the Biwajima Sports Center in Nagoya City from the 20th, and will play against FE Nagoya, which is ranked first in the eastern district, for the annual victory of B2.

56 points in the first half alone

Sendai scored 56 points in the first half alone and escaped as it was. In addition to under the goal of Barrel et al., He also added points effectively with a 3-point shot. Barrel scored 31 points, the most for both teams. Kagawa showed tenacity in the second half, but did not reach it.

1st Quarter Sendai / Barrel shoots to 18-13 (photographed by Takeshi Ifuka)

Daikoku Pillar Barrel, engine fully open from the beginning

Sendai decided to promote to B1 as long as he took the initiative in the match with the offensive of the rise. “I’m really deeply moved. I’m happy to bring back the B1 promotion to Sendai,” said Barrel, the driving force behind the victory.

The engine was fully open from the beginning. A series of exciting dunk shots that give the team momentum. He steadily decided on free throws and 3-point shots, and was in a state where he would definitely enter if he hit.

The driving force behind the reliable Daikoku Pillar was the lack of a second round, in which the team lost and scored eight goals. “I was determined to play well. My friends created a situation where it was easy to score,” he said.

In response to the barrel under the goal, the Japanese player’s three-point shot was also decided to be interesting. Tsukino, Sawabe, Watanabe and others decided two each, and in the first half alone, they shot 10 and pushed Kagawa out.

Just one year ago, on this day, he lost to Ibaraki in the PO semi-final and missed B1. With the regret of that match in mind, the team has been moving forward. “There is a difference between heaven and earth depending on whether you win or lose. I am very happy to be able to return Sendai to B1.” He believed in the process he had been working on and seized the promotion. (Dai Tanno)

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