UnipolSai Fortitudo victorious in match 1 against Padova


Clear affirmation, for 10 to 0, of Frignani’s men in the match played last night in Padua.

UnipolSai Fortitudo baseball extends its streak of consecutive victories, reaching 11, with a peremptory 10 to 0 over Padova baseball in game 1. In the challenge played on Friday evening, at the ” Plebliscio ” Frignani’s men start strong with 4 points in the first 2 attacks at your disposal. On the sixth they increase their advantage with one point and close the match between 8 and 9 recovery, making another 5 points for the final 10 to 0.

In anticipation of the last day of group B, UnipolSai Fortitudo guest of Padova baseball. Frignani’s men start strong with Martini’s double who brings home the first two points of the match scored by Paolini and Josephina, both arrived on the basis of valid. The hosts are unable to replicate and then, the following recovery, the Effe stretches. Agretti gets a base per ball, Dreni is hit and both go to point on Paolini’s valid which is the momentary 4 to 0. After the crackling start the game remains stationary on the 4 to 0 fortitudino until the 6 innings when the clubs are again felsinee to move the score with Agretti’s single that pushes Grimaudo home base. The blow of the KO, UnipolSai Fortitudo scores it in the 8th second half with 4 points scored making the most of the difficulties of the Padua mountain. In the last white-blue attack, Paolini’s sprint pushes Grimaudo home, who had beaten a double, for the final 10 to 0.

MVP of the match: Riccardo Segundo Paolini author of 2 hits on 4 rounds, 1 base ball obtained, 3 points beaten at home and 1 scored.



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