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Original title: Uber Cup – Chinese team swept Australia 5-0 to welcome this year’s good start

Xinhua News Agency, Bangkok, May 8 (Reporters Lin Hao, Song Yu) The 2022 Thomas Cup and Uber Cup badminton tournaments kicked off in Bangkok on the 8th. In the first match of the Uber Cup group stage, the defending champion Chinese women’s team easily defeated the Australian team 5-0.

On May 8, Chinese team player Chen Yufei returned the ball during the game. Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Lahen)

In the first match, the Tokyo Olympic women’s singles champion Chen Yufei faced the world number 72 Chen Xuanyu. The score of the first game never opened. Chen Yufei fell behind several times, but at the end of the game, he seized the key points and won 21:19. Chen Yufei won the second game with 21:10, which was a good start for the Chinese team.

Chen Yufei said after the game that the wind in the arena was relatively strong, and it was difficult to control the wind direction in the first game. Chen Yufei did not participate in the Asian Championships held before the Uber Cup. She said that after more than a week of training, she felt in good shape, but the actual effect had to be tested by the competition. Regarding the prospect of defending the title, she said: “I don’t think you should think about the past, do your best right now, do your best.”

On May 8, Chinese team player Chen Yufei returned the ball during the game. Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Lahen)

In the subsequent women’s doubles match, the Chinese team did not field the world’s No. 1 Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan, but the Zhang Shuxian/Zheng Yu who played had an obvious advantage, beating Australia’s Zhong Huiqi/Angela 21:12. .

Zheng Yu said after the game that this is the first time the two have played in a team competition since they were paired, and they have made full preparations. After the start of the game, he was still a little nervous while excited, and the game was considered normal.

In the third game, He Bingjiao easily defeated Luisa 21:6 and 21:6, securing the victory for the Chinese team in advance. He Bingjiao said after the game that the team competition is a new beginning for him, and he hopes to stabilize his state through the competition, and the more he plays, the better. She also said that the Chinese team attaches great importance to other opponents. The Japanese team and the South Korean team have a strong lineup and strength, and the Chinese team cannot take it lightly.

In the next two games, Du Yue/Li Wenmei defeated Caitlin/Somerville in straight sets, Zhang Yiman also defeated Tiffany 2:0, and the Chinese team finally won 5:0.

The last Tongyu Cup was postponed to October 2021 due to the epidemic. In the end, the Chinese women’s team won the Uber Cup, and the men’s team lost to the Indonesian team in the Thomas Cup final and won the runner-up. This year’s Uber Cup, the Chinese team and Chinese Taipei, Spain, Australia team in the same group B. In another match in the same group, Chinese Taipei defeated Spain 4:1.

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