Two years later, here are the Capitals again

After two long years of waiting, the Capitales de Québec will finally play their first game in the Frontier League, near Chicago, this evening, against the Windy City Thunderbolts.

The Capitals were due to enter it in 2020, after the dissolution of the Can-Am League in which they won seven championships.

But the season was canceled due to the pandemic, then health measures forced the organization to abandon the Capitals during the next one to set up Team Quebec. Finally see them again.

“We can’t wait to play as Capitales de Québec, our team that we have built, recognizes the manager, Patrick Scalabrini. It’s our first real year in the Frontier League and, unlike last year, we know when we’re coming back [au Stade Canac], then it is much more positive. »

It’s not just the Capitals’ official debut that has been so satisfying to Scalabrini. There is also the formation that he will present on the ground, a team of big hitters that he “loves a lot”.

“It’s rare that I say it so early in the season, because usually I have some concerns, specifies the manager. We have fewer obvious weaknesses or positions to fill than in the past.

We will not be perfect, far from it, he adds. But, at the start, I had concerns about our succession and, over the past 10 days, the returns of Andrew Case and Marshall Shill have solidified this position. »

12 points ? 14 points ?

A few weeks ago, Scalabrini promised exciting performances for the Capitals supporters, “with several big guys who have a history of hitting the long ball”.

A camp does not make a season, but what he has seen of his proteges in the last few days has confirmed his aspirations.

“We won one of our preseason games this week by 12… or 14 points, I don’t know, I stopped counting at some point,” explained the coach. Of course, we are never safe from being the victim of a shutout in our first game after that, but I know that we will score a lot of points this season.

It will be our identity. With TJ White [joueur par excellence de l’équipe en 2019] which has been added in the last few days, we will be fun to watch. »

Beyond the spectacular baseball that these big hitters are likely to produce, Scalabrini recalls that Team Quebec began its rise in the standings last year when the players started hitting.

It is therefore an asset that can prove invaluable in the Frontier League, and, in particular, in the Eastern section.

The mound in Cienfuegos

Miguel Cienfuegos will be on the mound Friday night against the Thunderbolts. An honor that rightfully belonged to the 25-year-old Quebec gunner, says Scalabrini.

Last year with Team Quebec, in his first year as a professional, the left-handed pitcher compiled a 9-6 record and posted an ERA of 3.78.

“As young as he is, Miguel is a leader in the team, a guy appreciated by all, underlines the manager of the Capitals. He deserved it with his performances last year. It’s not only that he’s been good all year, but that he’s continued to improve. »

Waiting for the Cubans

Scalabrini already loves his team, but he can say he loves them “a lot” once he has his former shortstop Yordan Manduley, outfielder Yoelkis Guibert and starter Carlos Sano with him.

Both Manduley and Guibert, two Cuban players, and Sano, who is originally from the Dominican Republic, have been waiting for their work visas for a while.

The manager hoped to be able to count on them for the return to Stade Canac on May 24, against the Gateway Grizzlies, but he is resigned to having to wait a little longer.



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