Trevor Bauer and his last chance for salvation

Trevor Bauer will have another round in his fight to clean his image before the public opinion and the MLB.

The pitcher of the Los Angeles Dodgers will begin his defense at the hearing for the appeal of his harsh sanction.

This will be done from this May 23 according to exclusive information published by The Athletic. Bauer will appeal the 324-game ban imposed by commissioner Rob Manfred’s office.

Since the 2021 season, the player who belongs to the Los Angeles Dodgers organization has not been able to ride on the angelic nose or anywhere else due to inquiries.

He was first placed on administrative leave in July 2021 after a woman reported him for sexual assault in a consensual encounter.

However, despite the fact that the prosecution dropped the charges. The MLB guarantor of good customs in its members continued with the investigation and decided to suspend the Cy Young winner despite the fact that justice acquitted him.

According to the report of the mentioned site there will be three judges.

One imposed by the Major Leagues, another by the Players Union and finally an independent one that will try to mediate between all the parties to seek a common good.

What could happen?

The judicial process will follow the same mechanisms as any other grievance in the sense that it will take place over several days or months, depending on the availability of the judge, the media reported.

There are three possible outcomes for the arbitrators: they can dismiss the case entirely; reduce Bauer’s suspension; or defend all 324 complete games.

Bauer’s innocence is so great that for the first time since this policy of justice was implemented within baseball and his relatives an appeal is made. It is also the longest suspension in MLB history for such fouls.

A Washington Post report claimed that the slugger had also made another mistake with a third woman. However, this was roundly rejected by Bauer and his defense.

Various sources told The Athletic that the appeal process could stretch until the end of this summer, and possibly beyond.

In the strongest possible terms, I deny committing any violation of the league’s domestic violence & sexual assault policy. I am appealing this action and expect to prevail. As we have throughout this process, my representatives & I respect the confidentiality of the proceedings.

After the MLB commissioner’s office issued the sanction, the player in question responded first and foremost.

A large part of the public opinion that follows the Major Leagues emphasizes that this is a simple “Witch hunt” by the MLB in terms of the blade pen that the slugger has on social networks.



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