Totti: ‘Another episode against Roma with Fiorentina’ – Football

“What we saw yesterday is one of the many episodes against Roma. We are not here to complain every time, but if the Var does not help the referees it becomes more and more complicated. If yesterday the referee was unable to see even from the monitor it becomes more difficult for everyone “. Francesco Totti said this on the sidelines of a Trenitalia event for the presentation of the Frecciarossa Italian Cup, talking about what happened yesterday in Fiorentina-Rome. On the final in Tirana in the Conference then he has no doubts: “We have not gone to the cup final for a long time. It is essential to raise a trophy, we will go to Tirana eager and fighters until the end. I will also go there”. On Mourinho, however, the endorsement is total: “Roma are coached by the strongest coach in the world who knows who has to buy. The club will do everything to please him.”