[Topics]Baseball club founded at new school / step high school: nines WEB

On May 26, the baseball club and kickball club (soccer) were held at Step High School (Nagano City Shinsara Town), which opened in April, and Shinshu Sports Medical Welfare College (Nagano City Miwa), which is run by a sister corporation. Futsal) was announced. The high school baseball club is soft and aims to participate in the part-time communication system tournament for the time being.

↓ Step High School opened in April

Step height is opened using a closed elementary school facility in a mountainous area. Currently 11 students are enrolled, but they can move in all year round.

High school and vocational school students / students work together, and Hidetaka Horiba (Mitsutaka Maruko-Keidai), who was active in professional baseball Hiroshima, will teach and manage the team as a GM.

The Japanese-style baseball club at a vocational school was once a strong player, having won the national tournament at a vocational school, but is currently closed. With this creation, the activities will be restarted from student-centered to school-led.

Former Japan Futsal National Team Kiyoshi Sagane was appointed as the GM of the kicking club.

There are sports trainers and long-term care and welfare courses in high schools and vocational schools, and Kazuhiko Takahashi, the director of the vocational school, said, “I want to use club activities as an opportunity to acquire deeper learning, human power, and communication skills.”



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