Tom Brady is the big earner in the billion dollar game

Soon to be seen more often in private again? It is unclear how long Tom Brady (here in 2019 next to his wife Gisele Bundchen) will continue to play in the NFL.
Bild: picture alliance / abaca

The NFL star Tom Brady will probably earn more as a TV expert after his career than in his entire sports career. This has to do with an insane development in the American television market.

Uo understand why Tom Brady is likely to make more money as a TV pundit than he has in his entire football career to date, one has to look at the American television market. Then it quickly becomes apparent what is obvious: millions and millions of dollars, even more: billions are shuffled back and forth there at regular intervals, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Almost as it is with Brady, the most successful athlete in his sport, when he lets the football fly. trifle, just.

But the sums that are raised every year when the media public talks about the National Football League (NFL) are no small thing, and they can hardly seem natural. They are the insane climax of a thoroughly commercialized system that only has maximum profit in mind.



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