Tom Brady has issued quite a challenge to LeBron James

Hockey is certainly not as popular as football or even basketball in the United States but when the two biggest stars of the decade in these two sports talk about it, there is certainly an interest that is created.

That’s what happened this week when the legendary quarterback Tom Brady issued a challenge to LeBron James, one of the greatest players in NBA history. This challenge would be on the ice as the two perform in a shootout competition.

It would of course be a very interesting competition to watch. There is no history on their hockey skills but they are both very athletic so it could be a great duel. At 6-foot-4, Tom Brady would definitely be faster than LeBron at 6-foot-8!

This clash would also attract a lot of listeners and it could also help to promote the sport in the United States mainly where hockey is not very present in the culture, depending on the state.

Which of the two do you see winning this competition?



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