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The baseball club (Tokyo Big6 Baseball League) fought a league match with Waseda University on May 2 and 10, losing 4-0 in the 3rd round and 1-5 in the 4th round. In the 1st and 2nd rounds, it was the first time in history for the University of Tokyo to draw for 2 consecutive races, but after that, they lost consecutively, and the bottom of the 49th consecutive season was confirmed.(Interviewed by Otaro Shimizu and Yoshinori Nakano)

3rd round Shutout defeat of 1 hit without connecting

Waseda | 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 3 | 4

The University of Tokyo | 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 | 0

The University of Tokyo, aiming for the first victory, overtook Omine Tsunashima (4th year of law) who showed good relief in the second round of the previous day. In response to that expectation, when the 3rd inning was suppressed to no goal, 2nd place Yuki Matsuoka (3 years) also got on the wave and continued to line up 0 on the scoreboard, showing the appearance of a pitcher battle until the middle stage. ..

On the other hand, Waseda’s starting lineup is Kato, who is currently the top player in the ERA league. In front of that Kato, the hits of Kodai Umebayashi (3rd year of education) were hit twice from the University of Tokyo hitting line, and the pleasant sound did not sound at the end.The pitchers, who had been tenacious so far, allowed the first in the 8th inning, and Takuya Koga (4 years) in the 9th inning.) Control is not decided, and 3 runs are a bad push. The attack in the bottom of the ninth inning ended with three people, and Waseda University got a check for the points.

The University of Tokyo made a total of three bases on this day, but all of them ended up in double play and stolen bases, allowing a semi-perfect game to be beaten by 27 batters. The pitchers and the defense were stable, and the silence of the batting line was heavy.

4th round 5 Pitchers Relief pitchers allow small points

The University of Tokyo | 00000010 | 1

Waseda University | 10021100ⅹ | 5

At the University of Tokyo, Ken Suzuki (3rd year of education), who pitched in 5 of the 9 games so far, is the first starter of the season. The first batter was suppressed, but if the following batter was misguided and placed in the scoring position, he would easily allow the first batter. In the second inning, he was beaten by a trio, but he was sent a pinch hitter to the table in the third inning and got off the mound in two innings.

The batting line that chases one point puts the runner in the scoring position for four consecutive innings from the first time, but there is not one more. In the top of the third inning, a misstep and Kosuke Urata’s (4th year) right-handed hit created an opportunity for 2nd and 3rd base, and Umebayashi, who was 4th at bat, headed for the turn at bat, but was blocked by the good play of Waseda third baseman. It didn’t score.

The University of Tokyo has set out a reliever plan that uses a total of five pitchers, but allowed small points such as 2 points in the 4th inning and 1 point in the 5th and 6th innings, expanding the behind. The hit line is also limited to one hit from the fifth to the seventh inning, and it is not possible to show good points.

The University of Tokyo wants to show his will in the bottom of the seventh inning, and when Yutaro Saito (4th year of sutra), who went up to the mound from this time, made a rhythm by suppressing the Waseda hit line to a trio, the top of the eighth inning immediately after that. Reio Akutsu (4 years old) hits the base with a middle hit. Following Urata hit a double in a timely manner, which was the team’s only multi-hit, and returned one point. I still wanted to make it a non-death second base and return as many points as possible, but the counterattack is up to here. The successor was beaten, and the battle was defeated by 4 points.

Akutsu (photographed by Hiroshiro Sonoda) who showed a good run to go home from first base with a timely hit by Urata.

The University of Tokyo has been defeated on the 10th, and the bottom is confirmed for 49 consecutive seasons. On the 21st and 22nd, he will fight Hosei in the final race without winning this season.

The University of Tokyo Nine (photographed by Hiroshiro Sonoda), whose bottom is decided this season as well

・ Comment from Director Ide

The match against Waseda, who tried to escape from the bottom, lost 2-3 after two consecutive draws, and then fought the fourth match after the weekend Rikkyo match on an irregular schedule and lost 1-4. However, the content of the match has changed from the double-digit goal defeat between Keio and Meiji. I’m enjoying it as the pitchers and attackers have gone one step further and I’ve become more excited about the competition in the match. There will be a week before the next Hosei War, so in the meantime, we will improve our team strength and go to get points.

・ Comment from Captain Matsuoka

It is very disappointing that the lowest rank has been decided. I am very sorry for the people who supported me. However, the last legal battle remains. I would like to get some points here.

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