Tissoudali gives teammates half a heart attack at the winning goal: “Something in me said: just lay wide” | Sports nearby

We write minute 94, with a tie between KV Mechelen and AA Gent. You get the ball perfectly from Julien De Sart and look goalkeeper Coucke straight in the eye. What are you doing then? We like to believe that 99% of those reading this are targeting and printing. Not when you Tarik Tissoudali, who put the ball wide in KV Mechelen and was only able to score in the rebound on the bet of the surprised De Sart. Typical Tarik.

“Honestly, I was nervous the moment he decided not to kick,” said Owusu afterwards. Davy Roef also saw it happen from his goal in amazement. “I wondered if he didn’t want to score. We know Tarik, he always wants to do it very nicely, luckily it ended well.” The only one who really knew what was going on in his head was Tissoudali himself: “I thought about shooting at first, but something inside me said: lay wide anyway. It was the very last minute, so I had to score or lay it down. There was no other option. I had the feeling that the keeper was with me quickly. I thought Julien was still expecting the ball, but that turned out not to be the case. Fortunately I followed and I was able to score. I understand that my teammates think: “why don’t you kick yourself?’ “Ah, the most important are the three points. I still believed that we could still score that goal. KV Mechelen also went for it, so it was man against man for us.”

The hot topic remains his contract extension, which has not yet come through. “That’s right, but now I’m focusing on the games and not on that. When it comes, it comes, my manager is on it. It bothered me at first, but I don’t think about it now and I don’t talk about it anymore. The games are now the most important.” Depending on the result of Genk-Charleroi, fifth place can already be a fact tonight. “It would be nice if we already knew tonight. Will we get two glorified practice matches after that? Then you don’t know our coach, he absolutely wants to win every match. Maybe some other guys can make minutes.”



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