Tips: This is how you win in Switch Sports

Pro-League, Here You Come!

View the game explanation? Are you weird! Switch Sports isn’t necessarily a game with a manual. Most sports speak for themselves. Swing the Joy-Con at volleyball, roll over at bowling… how hard can it all be? Obviously a lot more difficult than it seems. All games in Nintendo Switch Sports have a secret layer. Once you understand that, you’re already a big step on your way to the Pro League.

Have you ever wondered how it is possible that everyone in bowling always throws the perfect score, while you have to give up after round one with two spares? That the opponent in badminton always makes that perfect smash when you just hit the shuttle badly? How does someone shoot a ball perfectly into the goal with a beautiful curve?

In Nintendo Switch Sports, for almost every game, nothing is as it seems. The game gives you the basics, but there is a hidden layer in all games that allows opponents to have an advantage against you. Don’t be surprised and see the secrets of each game here. This is how you win in Switch Sports!

Volleyball – Time is money, or in this case, points

Volleyball is a matter of timing. The better you time, the greater the chance that you will add more force to the ball. In every phase of volleyball, the game likes to let you know if you were too early or too late. If you hit the ball too early, you hit a floppy ball that your opponent can easily catch. If you’re late, the same thing happens – or the ball simply falls to the ground. The better you time, the harder you make it for your opponents.

  1. Did you know that you can direct the ball? By hitting the Joy-Con to the left or right, you can get the ball just where the opponent is not. That makes it a lot harder for them to catch the ball!
  2. You may sometimes have your online co-player “Quick!” yelling at you as he or she moves into smash position. This makes for a quick attack that is harder for the opponent to block. To do this, you must jump before your team member passes the ball. Combine this with the previous tip to make it a lot harder for your opponents!
  3. When you need to defend, you can walk from left to right across the field to position yourself correctly. This makes it easier to block or catch the ball, but watch out for vicious smashes from players who follow the aforementioned two tips!
  4. Sometimes the ball gets where you’re not. By shaking, you can dive for the ball with all your might to prevent it from falling to the ground. You’ll lay down for a while, but anything to keep that ball off the ground, right?

Badminton – Don’t Fall!

Like volleyball, timing is essential in badminton. In contrast to volleyball, badminton is a bit faster. You can end up in endless back-and-forth where neither you nor your opponent want to hear about giving up. Continue to pressure your opponents and outsmart them with the following tips.

This is how you win in Switch Sports
  1. Have you ever fallen into badminton and hit your opponent while lying defenseless on the ground? I do. That’s because I, and maybe you, timed your shot badly. Wait until the shuttle is in range until you try to hit it back – this will prevent you from giving your opponent the perfect opening.
  2. You often get such a hard pink blow your way. This is the result of a smash on an ill-timed (purple) shot. You can do this by hitting overhand when the shuttle is approximately directly overhead. You can also smash non-purple smashes, but those are regular smashes. Still hard to hit back, but not half as bad as a pink one.
  3. Badminton is a fast paced game where you have to make split second decisions to outsmart your opponent. Getting your opponent out of a flow can be a valuable tactic. So if you’re constantly hitting hard, long shots, vary your drop shot! Hold the Joy-Con directly in front of your head, hold down ZR and knock it down slightly. They won’t see it coming!
  4. Sometimes you don’t get a chance to put pressure on yourself. Your opponent has cornered you with constant powerful smashes. There’s little you can do but half-bake the shuttle back and hope for the best. But you can break this series! By hitting a drop shot, your opponent cannot follow up with a smash. This way you can control the match again!

Bowling – Only perfection is enough

Bowling is a true classic when it comes to the Wii Sports series. Still, I was unpleasantly surprised to find that my years of experience in Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort really didn’t help me in Switch Sports. It soon became clear that only perfection was enough. But how do you do that? How do these people only throw strikes?

This is how you win in Switch Sports
  1. Always go for strikes, and if necessary try to save the day with a spare. The point system in bowling ensures that you get extra points with strikes or spares. It is therefore possible that you are immediately out of the game if you only knock down nine pins in the first elimination round.
  2. To throw strikes, aim a little off center and throw as hard as you can. To increase your chance of a strike, you can also decide to add a small curve effect
  3. I hear you ask: how do I curve my ball? If you turn the Joy-Con to the left or right during your throw, the ball will get a curve. The more aggressively you turn, the bigger the curve.
  4. Sometimes a strike doesn’t work. Your two cones that are still standing are on either side of the track – so you have a split. And by “sometimes” I mean almost constantly. This too can still be solved. Try to hit one of the cones at such an angle that it flies into the other cone. By tapping it just from the left, for example, the cone does not fly backwards, but to the right. Split fixed, spare in the pocket!

Voetbal – Teamwork makes the dream work

Just like with volleyball, you depend on your team members to successfully complete a game of football. By working well together, your opponents don’t stand a chance – but then again, that’s the biggest obstacle. By positioning yourself well and making use of your fellow players, you win in football!

This is how you win in Switch SportsThis is how you win in Switch Sports
  1. If you’ve ever played Rocket League or Lucioball in Overwatch, you know the ultimate weakness of 3 vs. 3 or 4 vs. 4 matches: there is no goalkeeper. Everyone is on the attack and the moment the ball ends up behind you, you have no plan. You always need someone who can get a ball off the line.
  2. You play football with two Joy-Cons, one for each leg. That means you can play with two legs and kick the ball with two legs. Be careful which leg you shoot with. The ball can just shoot in a completely different direction if you hit the ball from the side with your left while you wanted to hit it with the right.
  3. teamwork! Teamwork is indispensable in football. You can pass to your fellow players. You must have had fellow players who have made it clear that they want the ball. Pressing ZR and hitting the Joy-Con as soon as you get to a ball will automatically send the ball to your teammate’s side. This degree of automatic direction is rare in this sport, so take advantage of it!
  4. Football also has fancy moves that you can use. If you turn the Joy-Con after you shoot, you give the ball a curve, just like bowling. This not only makes you more likely to score, but also more beautiful! And let’s be honest, a goal can also be pretty nice.

Chambara – Stay Cool, Calm and Collected

The worst thing you can do at Chambara is run like a maniac and hope you win. By anticipating your opponent’s actions, playing defensively and taking advantage of openings you can easily take the win. For the Star Wars fans among us: Soresu is the motto to defeat all your enemies in Chambara. But here too there are some pro tips that you can apply.

This is how you win in Switch SportsThis is how you win in Switch Sports
  1. If you constantly block horizontally, your opponents will realize that they can attack horizontally. The same goes for vertical. Your enemy can trick you by pretending a vertical attack, then strike horizontally. Constantly adjust your block to show your enemy that there is no space and to punish a miss.
  2. You can also choose to pretend to let go of your defenses. Your opponent will see that you are not defending and will want to use this opening. The moment your opponent makes a strike move, you quickly bring your defense back to mercilessly punish all that eagerness.
  3. Most people block horizontally or vertically, but not diagonally. Underhand blows in particular (ie from bottom left to top right, or from bottom right to top left) are difficult to fend off in the heat of battle. Take advantage of this!
  4. In addition to traditional horizontal, vertical and diagonal strikes, you can also punch with your sword. This pushes an opponent further back. The downside is that almost any pose will block this attack, so only do this if the opponent isn’t defending at all. When you’ve just blocked an attack from that person, for example!

Tennis – Disrupt the Enemy

The classic! Tennis is back, but again with a new look. While you’re your own dude online for some reason (unless you go online together), there are plenty of tactics out there that will serve you in your quest for the top. That’s how you win in tennis!

This is how you win in Switch SportsThis is how you win in Switch Sports
  1. Did you know you can serve harder? By hitting when the ball is at its highest point, you do a Rocket Serve. This ball goes a lot harder and is a lot harder for the opponents!
  2. The further your opponent has to run across the field to grab a ball, the harder the next ball becomes for them. So: always send your opponent across the entire field! As with badminton, increasing the pressure is half the battle.
  3. Online you will use your back player more often than your front player. You can still use the front one to interrupt the flow. Suddenly playing a short ball, or playing the ball back earlier than your opponent expected, is the way to disrupt your opponent and take the point.
  4. If you hold the Joy-Con in front of your face and knock it down a little bit, you can play lobs. These are vicious little balls that demand the full attention of your opponent. Who knows, you might outsmart them, or disrupt them in such a way that you can take a point!

They were; on the basis of these tips you will win in Switch Sports! Which sports suit you best in the game? Let us know in the comments!



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