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The seven-month regular season of B League 2021-22 is over, and eight teams participating in the championship (CS) have arrived. While familiar faces such as Chiba Jets, who won the championship last season, are conspicuous, it is more difficult than usual to predict where the team will win each round and advance to the final stage.

In the current B League, veteran familiar men are playing an active role, and it is difficult to find a young player called “this”. Still, it’s not that young talent hasn’t emerged at all. In the postseason of the short-term decisive battle, the momentum of their young players may influence the game.

So, this time, I would like to focus on the young talent who has stepped up this season and may hold the key to the game even in the CS that will start soon.

23-year-old Hirotaka Yoshii playing at Alvark Tokyo
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★ Sota Okura (Okra / Sota / Chiba Jets No.13)
Point guard / shooting guard
Born May 28, 1999, from Ishikawa prefecture (22 years old)
Hokuriku Gakuin High School → Tokai University / 185cm, 83kg

During the match last February, Sota Okura was seriously injured when landing. His diagnosis was anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament of the right knee, and meniscus tear. This news about the young people who have been longing for the future since Hokuriku Gakuin High School shocked the league.

Okura, who was a third-year college student at the time and was playing as a specially designated player, was injured for 12 months, which is a very heavy injury. It became a situation.

The end of October of the same year. The man was on the court of the Kanto College League. The surroundings couldn’t hide their surprise when they returned three months earlier than planned, but hard rehabilitation made it possible.

He led the team to runner-up at Incare in December, took off the blue uniform of Tokai University Seagulls, and wore it this time in red. He is back in Jets again. This time, it is not treated as a specially designated player, but as a professional contract.



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