Thomas Müller bets on Liverpool

Bayern professional Thomas Müller bets on a success for Liverpool FC with coach Jürgen Klopp in the Champions League final against Real Madrid. “You get the feeling that Liverpool is better,” said Müller, who was eliminated with FC Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals, at the national soccer team’s training camp in Marbella. However, the 32-year-old expects a very close final in Paris on Saturday.

“If you see what Real has done in the league and especially in the Champions League, I wouldn’t write Madrid off,” said Müller, who himself was able to triumph twice in Europe’s premier class with FC Bayern: “That’s why I say: 2:2 – and Liverpool wins on penalties.” For 54-year-old Klopp it would be the second title win with Liverpool after 2019 and also a successful revenge for the 1:3 against Real Madrid in the 2018 final.

Nations League “the indicator”

During the training camp, Müller did not want to decide whether he would watch the game live on television. “But I will pursue it,” he said. However, his possible TV waiver has nothing to do with his own annoying quarter-final knockout against Villarreal.

“I had enough time to process the whole thing, which means: I don’t have an extremely negative feeling when I see class football,” said Müller: “It’s our own fault that we took the chance to play there. If they beat outsiders Villarreal, Bayern would have met Liverpool in the semifinals.

Meanwhile, Müller emphasized the importance of the upcoming Nations League duels against European champions Italy (June 4 and 14), England (June 7) and Hungary (June 11), runners-up in the European Championship. “That will be the indicator of how football Germany, we players and the whole DFB will feel in the next few months,” said Müller.

The encounters are also important in view of the World Cup in Qatar (November 21 to December 18). “If we win there and play super convincingly, then you’ll have the feeling in November that we can definitely do something,” said the attacking player for German record champions Bayern Munich.

Müller is already excited about the tournament in winter. “We have been anything but brilliant in the last two tournaments. So the hunger and the anticipation are there, because we’re getting the opportunity again to put ourselves in the limelight and ensure a positive football atmosphere in Germany,” said Müller.



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