There are mountains and valleys like a roller coaster, led by giant Sho Nakata. 2007 High school draft No. 1 strange baseball life | Professional baseball | Shueisha’s sports magazine Sportiva official website web Sportiva

The man who shines in the headline finally made his name by playing an active part in the play side.

When the giant Sho Nakata was re-registered with the 1st Army on May 10, he showed his presence in the offensive and defensive battles with Chunichi from May 13.

On the 13th, he set up a win with the first sacrifice bunt in the bottom of the 4th inning with no death on the 1st and 2nd bases. Even if he defended, he stretched his legs hard to catch the disturbed throw from Raito Nakayama and earned an out. The following day, on the 14th, in the bottom of the 7th inning, which chased a two-point difference, he screamed with a reversal full-base bullet from a one-death full base.

Sho Nakata who became a hero by shooting a grand slam immediately after returning to the first army
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This season’s Nakata is expected to recover from the assault problem of last season, but so far it has been conspicuous that the headline is “outside the venue”. He started at the camp in with a weight increase of 20 kg, and after the opening, the batting average was sluggish at the 10% level, and when the starting lineup fell was highlighted. He became an article in the second army as he sat on a bench.

Whether it’s Shohei Ohtani or Roki Sasaki, the headline makes a big difference in the name, but it’s only if you play an active part in the game. In that respect, in the case of Nakata, whatever you do, it becomes a headline. It can be said that he is a player who stands out so much, but that is only if he is active in his main business.

It’s been 15 years since he was nominated for the first round in the 2007 high school draft. While there are many synchronizations that have already left the ball world, what kind of activity will Nakata, who is about to step on the ring, show his main business bat from here?

In the 2007 high school draft, 11 people including Nakata were nominated for the first round. Nakata (Osaka Toin), who has been attracting attention as “High School Big 3”, is competing with Nippon-Ham, Orix, Hanshin, and Softbank. Yakult, Giants, Chunichi, Yokohama, and Rakuten hoped to win Yoshinori (Sato / Sendai Ikuei), and Lotte and Hiroshima bid for Yuki Karakawa (Narita).

Yoshinori, who joined Yakult, won two wins in the first year, five wins in the second year, and 12 wins and nine losses in the third year, achieving his first double-digit win. His fastball also marked 157km in the second year and 161km, the fastest Japanese pitcher (at that time) in the third year. However, after that he suffered from a breakdown of his right shoulder.



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