The Virgen de La Luz club sets course for the Spanish Skating Championship

This weekend the Spanish Skating Championship will be held in the town of Reus in the form of Small Show Groups, and the Avilesians from the Virgen de La Luz skate club will travel to Catalan lands on behalf of the Asturian Federation due to their status as current champions of Asturias in the specialty.

The team is made up of skaters Natalia Bango, Nagore Santos, Andrea Castillo, Aroa Álvarez, Patricia Pérez, Silvia Ferrera, Carla Ferrera, Claudia San José and Aitana Álvarez. They will defend on the track the show on wheels entitled “Keep the course”, which has a spectacular choreography based on the sea and the marine world, with very colorful costumes that emulate sailors and mermaids. “The costumes, when the dance begins, give a beautiful color to the show,” says the club’s technical team.

With 22 participating teams, including several European champions, the Avilesians will come out to compete in third place; This is how chance wanted it in the draw held at the headquarters of the Spanish Skating Federation. The Avilesinas, who have been polishing and perfecting their choreography for several weeks, hope to be able to excite and immerse the judges in the seafaring story that they bring to the stage and dream of achieving a position according to the effort and dedication they have used to shine in this marked appointment on fire in your sports calendar.



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