The violence of the radicals around the Camp Nou is increasing

BarcelonaAccording to the Mossos d’Esquadra, the Mobile Brigade Area and the Barcelona Metropolitan Police Region (RPMB) carried out a public security device on Tuesday evening to prevent violent acts by ultra-Barça groups. This device comes after an increase in violent actions carried out by these radical groups against supporters of other hobbies and also against the police force itself has been detected in recent matches at the Camp Nou.

The Mossos explain that, during this season and during the security measures in the framework of the celebration of the different matches in the Barça stadium, “episodes that could have been more violent could have been avoided”. “On some occasions, prohibited weapons and dangerous objects hidden in the vicinity of the Camp Nou were located and intervened, in the moments before the start of the matches,” reads the shared statement. The most serious incidents recorded during the last matches were on March 10, during the match against Galatasaray in the first leg of the round of 16 of the Europa League. During the preliminaries and in the course of this duel, although there was no special rivalry with regard to the sports section, there were “indiscriminate assaults with prohibited weapons and blunt objects by individuals of radical groups against fans of the opposing team in the vicinity and accesses to the stadium “.

One officer was injured and two were arrested

There were direct attacks on the Mobile Brigade that day with pyrotechnics and blunt objects (such as stones) on the police lines with the result that one officer was injured. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

April 14, the day of the Eintracht’s visit to Frankfurt, was also particularly violent. “Indiscriminate assaults with prohibited weapons and blunt objects were again carried out” against German fans in the vicinity and accesses to the Camp Nou, “according to the Mossos d’Esquadra. The perpetrators of the attacks and two people have been arrested so far.In the moments before the match, police officers found a large bag full of hidden sticks and other blunt objects, such as baseball bats.

Battle against the ultras of Espanyol

On November 28, there was also a group attack on ultra-RCDE fans in response to an attack a few days earlier by radical Benfica fans with the help of members of the ultra group of the white-i group. -blue. As a result of the investigation that began as a result of these events, the Mossos d’Esquadra arrested three members of Barça’s ultra fans and three other people are listed as being investigated for the same facts. Joan Laporta, during his first period as Barça president, worked hard to get the Boixos Nois (Barça’s main radical group) out of the stadium, but ultra-violence is a difficult germ to eradicate and they are still campaigning around the Barça feud.



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