The trick of Carlos Alcaraz and other great tennis players to protect themselves from the sun

Sun exposure has a number of benefits for our health (the famous vitamin D), but also some risks: skin burns, premature photoaging and, most dangerous of all, skin cancer. For all this, the use of good sun protection is more than necessary, especially when the hot months are pressing and our exposure to the sun is prolonged.

Not all people need the same product to protect us against the effects of solar radiation. Precisely, one of the challenges of current photoprotection is to offer sunscreens that adapt to the rhythms of life and needs of each person. And, naturally, those that are subjected to long and continuous exposure to the sun will need a much more demanding product, in every way. As it happens with those who are passionate about practicing sports in the open air. As it happens with tennis players. Wearing the right clothing or equipment is just as important as choosing sun protection that works.

Long tennis tournaments, intense matches (sometimes up to six hours long) and continuous training require effective and comfortable protection.

The tennis season was inaugurated last January and, until next November, it will tour many countries through the tournaments organized by the ATP in the categories of Grand Slam, Masters 1000, ATP 500, ATP 250, Challenger Tour and ITF Futures. World-class appointments for the best players in the world. And also many hours of sun exposure. Mainly, in the months when the sun is stronger and more aggressive with this sport.

Long tennis tournaments, intense matches (sometimes lasting up to six hours) and continuous training therefore require effective and comfortable protection. That is: a photoprotector with an ultra-light texture, that does not sting the eyes and, above all, that fulfills what it promises and protects. The young tennis player Carlos Alcaraz, brand-new winner of the Mutua Madrid Open and current tennis world sensation, has already put himself in the best hands with Isdin Fusion Water SPF 50, an ultra-light facial photoprotection for daily use for outdoor activities.

Tennis players and tournaments with Isdin Fusion Water

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It’s not the only one. Other top-level rackets such as the Spaniard Pablo Carreño, the Belgian Elise Martens, the Colombian Camila Osorio or the Colombians Juan Sebastián Cabal and Robert Farah, number one couple in the ATP ranking, already use Isdin Fusion Water. The photoprotector also champions some of the main ATP tennis tournaments: the Mutua Madrid Open, the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell Conde de Godó Trophy, the Buenos Aires Open, the Mexican Tennis Open, the Rio Open or the Millennium Estoril Open.

Why do they choose it?

What makes Isdin Fusion Water the sunscreen of choice for the best tennis players in the world? The first thing is that it guarantees high protection against UVB and UVA radiation, clinically evaluated in the laboratory and in real conditions of high solar radiation. Thus, it is a product that works. The second thing is that it hydrates in depth thanks to its formula with hyaluronic acid. An important factor, if we take into account that the sun dries out the skin. And the third thing is that its water-phase, ultra-light and oil-free texture instantly melts into the skin without leaving a greasy residue. Now photoprotection is more pleasant than ever!

Carlos Alcaraz applying the photoprotector Isdin Fusion Water

Carlos Alcaraz applying the photoprotector Isdin Fusion Water


Carlos Alcaraz’s sunscreen also has the advantage that it does not irritate the eyes, so you can apply it to your entire face without fear. In addition, Isdin Fusion Water is suitable for dry, oily, sensitive and/or atopic skin. Another plus: did you know that it is “sea friendly”? This means that Isdin photoprotectors are formulated to minimize their impact on the environment, especially in the marine environment.

How do you have to use it to be effective? The right amount for the face area is two product lines spread over two fingers. Do not forget to distribute it evenly all over the face, also on the neck, the nape of the neck and the ears. You should apply it generously to dry or wet skin (this is possible thanks to Wet Skin technology) half an hour before sun exposure. And reapply every 2 hours. Works!


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