The story goes on

Record attendance at the Camp Nou. Thousands of fans displaced in Turin. Three Champions League finals in the last four years.

Yes, the Juventus Stadium has not been the result that many would have liked, but we had already warned in the days before the final of the potential of Olympique de Lyon. These types of matches are decided in detail. And in these details today the French have been better.

It is useless to have won many matches or many titles before. You have to be good every day, every hour, and yet no one can guarantee you will win. The other team also plays and has the same hunger for victory as you. And it is in the defeats, more than ever, when we must give more value to all the victories achieved. Winning is not always easy, and winning by playing like this Barça is even less so.

But beyond the end result, you have to give value to the history that this team is writing. Defeat is part of the road, a journey in which this team has played three of the last four Champions League finals. Do you know how difficult this is? How many football, basketball, handball or futsal teams have played three finals of the top European competition in this time period?

We all like to win and celebrate titles, of course, but in sports the most common thing is to lose, and the difference between a great team and a champion team is precisely in how defeat is handled. Losing in Budapest made this team stronger, and losing in Turin will also help him, I am convinced, to strengthen this project. And what is the way out of such a defeat? Resilience, self-criticism and clear goals.

Clear goals so as not to lose focus on a project that is relatively new, a journey that is destined to bring great joy to all Catalans. And lots of titles, too. Because we have to explain to those who have just landed in this world very well where we come from, but also where we are going.

And today all Barça fans are sad, yes, disappointed with a result. But in recent years much more important successes are being achieved than a cup, and these should also be celebrated and should make us very proud and proud of the project, of the road, and not stop adding efforts to multiply results .

Despite the defeat, this team still wants to enjoy and make fun of and that is the jewel in the crown. And no, that’s not a euphemism for something else. Because we talk about football. Let’s talk about footballers.


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