the star that never appears in the rankings

BarcelonaThere are things that cannot be learned. Some are sold as standard, by birth, which no one can teach you, and only those touched by a wand are lucky enough to own. Caroline Graham Hansen (Oslo, Norway, 1995) is one of these people. His way of seeing football and understanding the game goes a step further. He sees everything at a faster speed than the rest. His way of being, far from ostentation or posturing, has been built around the ball. “Everything in his life makes him aware that he is a footballer. He is very professional,” Barça sources admit.

From a very young age, football chose her. Little Caroline started hitting the ball at Lyn Oslo playing in mixed teams until she was 14 years old. He then played for Stabæk and Tyresö FF – the Swedish league champions – until joining Wolfsburg in 2014. The German club was a turning point in the Norwegian’s career. Graham Hansen came to a team that had just been proclaimed European champions, in which the competition was fierce. He gradually joined the team following his temperament, consolidating himself as an important part of the gear of his system until, at the end of his season in Germany, the injuries appeared: first a patellar tendinitis, then a patella fracture and several cracks in that leg deprived her of having continuity on the turf until 2018. With the contract renewal came calm and Graham was able to deploy her virtuosity on the turf. The ghosts of the injuries, however, would never quite go away. “If he has discomfort, he sometimes asks to rest. He is very aware of those years of injuries and the alarms go off when he has some pain,” the same sources told ARA.

A year later, he changed his shirt from Wolfsburg to Barça. From the moment he arrived, Graham’s eyes were orange and his ears were wide open. The Barça model fit in perfectly with his way of understanding football and “always wanted to improve”. “His easy-going nature allows him to say both good and bad things; always measuring words, yes,” they say, referring to his calm demeanor. She is reserved, committed and always with very clear goals: “She works in the field, the rest is the same for her”. Defender of the group trophies and reluctant to the individual awards, Graham Hansen has been the great forgotten of this Barça that is marking an era. He does not appear in any of the UEFA or FIFA lists of the best players of the season. But she doesn’t care. “I prefer ten collective trophies to an individual prize,” says the culer.

“She has something that no one else has,” defends someone who knows her well. “It’s the most unbalanced one-on-one,” he said. Wolfsburg defender Joelle Wedemeyer is well aware of this. The German suffered in her own skin the quality and forcefulness of Graham Hansen at the Camp Nou in the semifinals of the Champions League. In front of more than 91,000 people, the Barça winger overcame up to three defenses from the visiting team and, with a cut inside the area, sat the last obstacle on the ground. With a medium-high cross, Schult swallowed the ball, and everyone who ever counted on it, his words.



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