‘The speed that goes to you is 493km’ Park Joo-hyeon X Chae Jong-hyeop, shocked by Park Ji-hyun’s return! ‘Announcement of Act 2’: Morning Today

‘The speed to you 493km’ Park Ji-hyeon is back.

In the 8th episode of the KBS 2TV Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘The Speed ​​That Goes to You’ (Director Jo Woong/Screenwriter Heo Seong-Hye/Producer Blitzway Studios/hereinafter ‘You Accelerate’), which aired on May 12, Park Tae-Yang (Park Joo-Hyun) started playing badminton three years ago. Park Jun-young (Park Ji-hyeon), who is the reason for leaving and Park Tae-joon (Chae Jong-hyeop)’s older sister, is depicted returning. The appearance of Park Joon-young, who will be a turning point in the relationship between the two, made viewers watch it with their breaths.

On this day, at the suggestion of manager Lee Tae-sang (Jo Han-cheol), Park Tae-joon became a partner with Yook Jeong-hwan (Kim Mu-jun) and played a match against the Federation of Industries. However, Park Tae-joon ignored the director’s instructions to play a supporting role for Yook Jeong-hwan and tried to come forward. The match proceeded as if Tae-Jun Park and Jeong-Hwan Yuk were competing, but not players of the opposing team, and Jung-Hwan Yuk’s racket exploded. At this time, Jung-hwan Yuk hit the opponent’s ball with a burst racquet, and took away Tae-joon Park’s racquet and succeeded in scoring with intense smashing.

Regardless of whether the match was won or lost, it was a game that was humiliating for Park Tae-jun. It was a disturbing day for Park Tae-joon, who ruined Gyeonggi-do, was scolded by the coach, and even learned the secret between Park Tae-yang and his older sister Park Jun-young. Still, Park Tae-joon was able to laugh a little thanks to Park Tae-yang, who offered to comfort him.

However, things that disturbed Tae-Jun Park continued. First, he was cut off at Yook Jung-hwan’s partner, and after going to Chuncheon’s house, he found Park Tae-yang leaving a fruit basket in front of the gate. Also, at home, when I faced my parents who were still caught up in the past when Park Joon-young was in her prime, my heart ached.

Park Tae-Jun did not leave Park Tae-Jun alone. He woke up early in the morning, worked out together, and encouraged Park Tae-joon to fight more courageously. Although they are lovers, the love of Park Tae-yang, who is more considerate and careful about himself, was a little unfamiliar to Park Tae-joon. Park Taeyang said, “Because you are so precious. It’s too precious to me, so I can’t take it lightly. I wonder what will happen.” He confessed his feelings toward Park Tae-joon, and Park Tae-joon’s wounds were also healed.

Then, Park Tae-joon had another chance. With a new heart, Park Tae-joon will play a match with Yook Jeong-hwan again as a partner. This time he did his part and contributed to the team’s victory. He was Park Tae-joon, who vowed not to give up on his dreams or Park Tae-yang no matter what the ordeal. And the result of this match was a sufficient reward for that determination.

Park Tae-yang, who watched this from the audience, was also genuinely delighted with Park Tae-joon’s performance. To enjoy this moment together, the two ran towards each other. But at the happiest moment, a new thing happened before them. Park Jun-young, who had fled Korea after the accident three years ago and disappeared, appeared in front of them. Park Tae-yang, who met Park Jun-young first, shed tears as he saw Park Jun-young, whom he had longed to see. Tears flowed from Park Joon-young’s eyes.

And Park Tae-joon, who saw this from afar, stopped and couldn’t do anything. It was an ending full of tension, like the night before the storm. The appearance of Park Jun-young, who will bring a new wind to the development of ‘Accelerate You’, has raised the viewers’ immersion.

Can Park Tae-joon know that Park Tae-joon is Park Jun-young’s younger brother and still be able to maintain the current relationship? How will Park Joon-young react when she finds out that Park Tae-joon is Park Tae-yang’s boyfriend? Park Joon-young, who has returned to her again, how will it affect the relationship between Yook Jung-hwan and Lee Yu-min (Seo Ji-hye), who are currently in a good mood? I look forward to and look forward to the story that will be drawn in the future by ‘You Accelerate’, the turning point.

Meanwhile, KBS 2TV’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘The speed to you 493km’ is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:50 PM. Also, ahead of the full-scale unfolding of the second act, on Sunday, May 15th, at 1:05 pm, driving parts 1 to 4 will be organized, and at 2:20 pm, driving parts 5 to 8 will be organized.

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