The second edition of the Olympiads of the neighborhoods of Bourges, organized from July 6 to 10, will look great

For their second edition, from July 6 to 10, the Olympiads of the neighborhoods of Bourges should attract a crazy crowd!

Because the program unveiled this Monday, May 23 by Renaud Put, deputy mayor for sports, and Raymond Oury, president of the departmental Olympic and sports committee (CDOS) offers something for all tastes and all ages, and there will be surprises. of last minute ! All sponsored by the athlete and long-distance runner Bastien Augusto (Bourges Entente Athlétisme) in a festive and friendly spirit, based on the Olympic values ​​and in a unifying will around the colors of the seven districts in the running

. “Free Olympiads open to everyone, sports or not”, the organizers clearly specified.

In 2021, the inaugural edition, won by the Yellows of Asnières-les-Bourges, brought together some 250 minots under the age of 12 and more than 500 people in the various tournaments offered.

Mandatory registrations

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On July 6, the under-12s will open the festivities at the Alfred-Depège stadium, in their own Olympic village. On the menu: running, boxing, mini-golf, rugby, judo, laser shooting… So many opportunities to score points for your neighborhood! Then on July 7 and 8, clubs and sports associations in Bourges will offer place Étienne-Dolet, from 5 p.m. , volleyball, etc.). The CCAS will also offer an orientation walk.

Paris 2024: the seven Cher sites dedicated to preparing for the Olympic Games

Semi-finals and finals will finally be hosted on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 July at the Yves-du-Manoir sports centre, the end point of the Flame of the Olympiad carried by 26 young Berruyers from 9 to 12 years old. The official flags of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games will also be part of the celebration.

Last precision: a trophy specially created by the artist berruyer G’dal will be awarded to the winning district! We register from May 31 to July 1 as a team or as an individual, it’s mandatory and very easy, on

The seven committed neighborhoods



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