“the relationship had deteriorated, but I regret that he did not thank the Federation”


Today, surprisingly, the communication that Meo Sacchetti is no longer the coach of the Italian basketball team. The Federation has announced the interruption of the relationship, which was expected after the 2022 Europeans, less than 100 days before the continental review.

In a telephone connection with Sky Sport 24, the president Gianni Petrucci explained the reasons for the farewell: “when a relationship ends it is useless to go on. For several days and weeks the relationship had deteriorated. The relationship with a coach is direct with the president, when this relationship fails it means that it had deteriorated for many things, which I do not want to commit now. I’ll just make a consideration, I didn’t want to raise the level of the discussion with Meo Sacchetti, I’ve read now that he made a statement where he thanked everyone except the federation. I can’t understand why when you hire a coach you thank the Federation, when this relationship ends the Federation and it hasn’t done anything. This is to emphasize that the relationship had been ruined, then we broke up with a hug, probably also cold, but we parted civilly“, he has declared.

Photo by Daniel Dal Zennaro / Ansa

We met in Rome, I told him that I didn’t feel like going on with him and the relationship ended there. We had also seen each other recently but the relationship had been going on like this for months, so we might as well cut right away. I am like that, I’ll be wrong. Coaches come and go, there are more important things, I’m sorry for how it ended, certainly the responsibility is mine. There is never a difference on technical issues, in my life I have never entered a locker room, we no longer shared the work done, without scandal issues, he is a very good person“, He added, explaining that he already has an idea for Sacchetti’s successor:”certainly we have the idea and it will be announced in a week. I am calm and I am convinced that I did well“.

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Photo by Daniel Dal Zennaro / Ansa



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