The public at the rendezvous of Olympic and Paralympic Day

Cn Saturday May 14, the City of Millau organized the 2022 edition of the Olympic and Paralympic day. An event within the framework of the label Land of Games 2024to promote the Olympic values ​​to the general public, after two days devoted to school.

The opportunity for Millavois, young and old, to meet associations and local sports players on the Maladrerie site. And have a great afternoon!

Some pictures of the day

Snack break with SOM Basket.
Arm wrestling workshop with the legionnaires of the CSA Larzac club.
Handball on grass…
This afternoon, it was possible to get started with SOM Handball.
Two young girls in kimono running in front of the stand of the departmental free flight committee, on a football stadium… It is only during the Olympic and Paralympic day that we see this…
Cool break in the warm waters of the Tarn.
Introduction to whitewater swimming.
The Olympic and Paralympic day attracted many more people than during the previous edition.
« No blood no good training » avec le club de self defense KMRED.
Sumo workshop with the Aveyron Handisport Departmental Committee.
The climbing wall of the company Vert Tea Jeu ( victim of its own success.
Moment of relaxation in the SOM Judo workshop.
The SOM Judo bar was very busy…
There is no age to learn Taekwondo.
The workshop of SOM Taekwondo by Marc Boudes.
Mountain bike circuit with the CSO Millau.
The children could even practice the zip line!
The slackline is too easy for Jean-Pierre Mas, sports assistant for the City of Millau.
SOM Basket, always present!



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