The Professional Basketball League has a new home: the El Pueblo Coliseum

The Professional Basketball League moves from the Evangelista Mora Coliseum, a place that hosted a large part of the regular season, to make way for its new home… the El Pueblo Coliseum (Alberto Galindo unit) where the last day of the ‘ all against all’ and the playoffs of the 2022-01 season will begin.

This sports arena has hosted several important orange ball events, such as the 1975 (women’s) and 1982 (men’s) basketball world championships, in addition to having a total capacity of 13,000 people.

El Pueblo Coliseum will open its doors for basketball fans this Thursday, May 19 at 7:40 pm with the opening match, which will pit the hosts, Team Cali, against Cafeteros de Armenia. A duel that promises to be a very tough one, where both teams play their final position in the standings. At that meeting, the halftime show will have a very special surprise for all basketball fans.

First thing in the morning (11:00 am), the Búcaros vs. Tigrillos match will be played, an important game to define the second position in the League, while at 4:00 pm Caribbean Storm will want to take away the perfect undefeated Titanes de Barranquilla.

The Professional Basketball League is an event supported by the mayor’s office of Jorge Iván Ospina through the Secretary of Sports and Recreation. Carlos Diago, secretary of the portfolio, extended the invitation to all the men and women of Cali, so that they can enjoy the emotions of this sport, where the stars will meet in one of the most emblematic stages of Cali Ciudad Deportiva.

The Professional Basketball League is broadcast on the WIN Sports channel. Tickets can be purchased on the Vip Ticket platform.


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