The opinion on Sporting and Oviedo: One of music

Tenors, countertenors, singer-songwriters and whatever it takes. Everything to support the two greats of Asturian football to achieve their goals. The space that remains to solve the mystery of who will go up and who will go down is shrinking; who will be happy enough to dare with the guitar and score a ranchera, and who will end up singing a tango to drown their sorrows. Let’s say it’s “Cambalache”, you know, the one about “the immoral have equalized us” and that “it doesn’t matter if you’re a priest, a mattress maker, a king of clubs, cheeky or a stowaway”.

In these days in which promotions and relegations are decided, one and the other look at what the rival does: that if he loses there, a draw here and such and such is enough for me. Sporting continues in this, which despite an infamous streak of results continues to depend on itself and trusts part of its luck to a magical resurgence in the hope that Almería does not fail against Real B.

Meanwhile, 28 kilometers away, the accounts are to wait until Monday to beat a Zaragoza that may have closed the stay mathematically even before playing at the Tartiere. In the capital tomorrow they go to other things, such as the sale of the club, so they trust that everything, luck, the fates and whatever it takes, will fall on the Carbayón side. For the rest, a black week for Asturian journalism, one of those in which newsrooms should be allowed to close due to death, after the tragic death of Iván Álvarez. Terrible.



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