The old man showed a gem for Pardubice: It will be the most modern hockey arena in Europe!

“We plan a capacity of 13,500 spectators for hockey and 15,000 for concerts. In addition to the main hall, the whole complex also includes a training area, a hotel with a restaurant and congress halls, a parking house, which will also be a new grandstand for the racecourse, “Dědek said. swimming pool, gym and regeneration line.

The multifunctional arena is also intended for concerts, and hockey will not be the only sport that can be held in it. The old man sets bold goals in this regard. The parameters of the main and training hall will enable the holding of, for example, ATP and WTA Tour tennis tournaments, as well as motocross races or horse parkour.

“We want the arena to live all year round. There will be a museum of Pardubice hockey with a hall of fame and we would like the Great Pardubice Museum to have its place in it. Hockey and the Great Pardubice are symbols of the city, “said Dědek. The use of the arena with the racetrack throughout the year and in racing will be synergistic.

“In the architectural design, we based on the organic shapes of nature and tried to make the arena ideally suited to the space and environment in which it is to grow. Different ideas can be found in the shape of the arena, but for us it is primarily the heart that beats for Pardubice hockey, “said the architect of the hall, Tomáš Vymetálek.

The old man suffers that the construction of the arena is his private investment, so the city will not come up with any money. “On the contrary, it will bring the city income from real estate tax, accommodation fees, it will bring entrepreneurs in the city income from tourism and in the long run it will become another symbol of Pardubice,” says Dědek, who also mentions a question he often hears.

“What’s the benefit for me? The project has a long-term return, but this is not the primary goal. When you look at history, Tomáš Baťa, a very successful global businessman, built not only profitable factories, but schools, hospitals, theaters. I mean, the arena is primarily intended for sports, “advises the head of Pardubice hockey.

“I take it as part of my responsibility for the club I run. A new arena is inevitable. Reconstruction of the enteria arena (current winter) would cost several hundred million crowns in the coming years. Now is the best time. Next season we will celebrate 100 years of the club and this is a contribution to the next hundred “, concluded Dědek.



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