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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

The Zdob şi Zdub and the Advahov Friars represent Moldova at Eurovision: their eccentric and colorful looks hide many tributes to their country.

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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Maybe they won’t win theEurovision 2022but they sure made him dance: the Zdob and Zdub her Advahov Brothersthe group representing Moldova, won international audiences with the song The train. Let loose, fun and have fun, the Zdob and Zdub they won a place in the final on Saturday 14 May. Twenty-five artists will compete tonight, including Blanco and Mahmood. The Moldovan group has become a social phenomenon for the rousing melodies, rhythm and extravagant looks on stage: colors and details hide a tribute to their country of origin.

The colorful looks of Zdob and Zdub all’Eurovision 2022

The Zdob and Zdub they are veterans of Eurovision 2022: in Turin they showed off original and eclectic looks that mixed typical elements of Moldovan folklore with elements of street style.

Moldova at Eurovision

Moldova at Eurovision

Baseball caps, sneakers and bombers, for example, are combined with the typical embroidered skirts. Another significant detail in their looks are the t-shirts with a rose motif that recall the traditional dresses of Moldovan women. The members of the group all wear the same colors: red, blue and yellow, a tribute to the national flag.

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Gli Zdob and Zdub all'Eurovosion 2022

Gli Zdob and Zdub all’Eurovosion 2022

The Brothers Advahov con i completi black’n’white all’Eurovision 2022

The glance of their performances is always of great impact, but on closer inspection there are two members of the group dressed in a radically different way, with black and white checkered suits. It’s about the brothers Advahova very popular duo in Moldavia who joined the Zdob and Zdub for the instrumental part of the piece. Their looks, therefore, differ from those of the rest of the group but are coordinated with each other. They too do not give up a touch of irony, showing off chunky sneakers and colorful details.

Impossible to resist their energy: ready to jump on the sofa?



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