The Judo Club Sakura Arma di Taggia at the ju jitsu “Coppa Italia 2022”

Manesseno. Last weekend the Ju Jitsu competition called “Coppa Italia 2022” was held, dedicated to the specialties of the Duo System, Duo Show, Fighting System and Ne Waza. The Judo Club Sakura Arma di Taggia asd brought three athletes into the competition, Maya Benvenuto, Mattia Cicala and Diego Secchi who took part in the Fighting System competitions.

The meetings were conducted in a very positive way, showing the skills of the athletes of the Club of Arma di Taggia, who concluded the race with Maya Benvenuto in first place in her category and Mattia Cicala and Diego Secchi in third in their respective categories.

The athletes were accompanied in the competition by the technicians Andrea Molinari and Manuela Ferrigno, who constantly follow their training, both from the technical and competitive side. Maestro Andrea Molinari comments: «The sporting growth of these athletes is evident, as is that of their other teammates who train continuously. In addition to competitive practice, we are dedicating a lot of attention to the study of technique and this gives us hope
for future positive results “.



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