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Original title: The Chinese team will compete with the Indonesian team for the semi-finals of the soup cup after losing the Danish team in the group stage

Source: Xinhua News Agency (Reporters Song Yu, Lin Hao)

In the final competition of the badminton Thomas Cup team competition on the 11th, the Chinese men’s team and the Danish team fought fiercely for 6 hours and lost 2:3 in the end. They advanced to the quarter-finals with the second place in the group and will face the quarter-finals. Defending champion Indonesia.

The first men’s singles Chinese team sent Lu Guangzu to face the world’s No. 1 Ansailong. At the beginning Lu Guangzu was in good shape, leading the way and winning the first game with 21:17, but was then reversed by Olympic champion Ansailong in two consecutive games.

Lu Guangzu said after the game that he was relatively well prepared before the game. The first game was won by patience and a good grasp of defensive counterattack tactics, so that the opponent did not have too many opportunities to attack. But the last two rounds were suppressed by the opponent, and they never found a breakthrough to attack. This is also the difficulty that needs to be overcome tactically in the subsequent games. Ansailong commented that Lu Guangzu was in good shape today, and his offense was very strong.

In the men’s doubles match that followed, China’s Liu Yuchen/Ou Xuanyi easily defeated Astrup/Christiansen with 21:16 and 21:11 to equalize the score for the Chinese team.

In the second single match, Li Shifeng of the Chinese team played against Antonsen, who is ranked third in the world. In the case of losing the first game, the tenacious Li Shifeng pulled two games in a row and won a difficult 2:1 reversal, achieving a 2:1 good situation for the Chinese team. He said that it was the first time he played against Antonsen, and he did not consider too many past records, but only strived to play the best level and challenge his opponents.

However, He Jiting/Zhou Haodong, who had high hopes for the second doubles by the Chinese team, lost 0:2 to Rasmussen/Segao. In the fifth game to decide the outcome of the two teams, Weng Hongyang, who won the Korean Open singles champion a few days ago, lost to Wittinghus 1:2.

After losing to Denmark, the Chinese team qualified second in the group. According to the results of the knockout draw, the Chinese team will face Indonesia in the quarter-finals. In the last Thomas Cup, the Chinese team and the Indonesian team met in the final, and the Indonesian team finally won the cup 3-0.

The Thomas Cup quarter-finals will be played on the 12th. If the Chinese team beats the Indonesian team in the game, it will compete with the winner between the Chinese Taipei team and the Japanese team for the final. The other two quarter-finals were played by India against Malaysia and South Korea against Denmark.Return to Sohu, see more


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