The embarrassment that spreads due to the “work style reform” of teachers The problems peculiar to baseball … Can “club activities” shift to “community”? | Full-Count

From next year, club activities on Saturdays and Sundays will shift to the area, teachers will not participate in principle

Work style reforms are also progressing in earnest in the field of education. The purpose of preventing long working hours and maintaining the physical and mental health of teachers is welcomed. On the other hand, one of the problems that children are concerned about being left behind is club activities. Among them, baseball has a unique problem. Junior high school teachers say, “In 10 years, there will be almost no children playing baseball.”

Only frustration and impatience are solicited. Despite the turning point in club activities, teachers in the field who take care of children have no choice. Kunihiro Isozaki, a junior high school teacher who is the representative director of the general incorporated association “Fukushima Baseball Project”, cannot hide his anxiety.

“The goal of club activities to move to the community is shown by the national government in the form of office communication. However, the school site is confused because the national government has not created a system. Children are left behind. It has become “

From May next year, the club activities of junior high school will change drastically. The government has indicated that teachers do not need to be involved in club activities on Saturdays and Sundays. This is to eliminate long working hours as part of work style reform. The national government has set “overtime work of 80 hours or more per month on average” as the standard for the overtime death line. For teachers, overtime is not limited to club activities. Preparation of events and lifestyle guidance for paperwork. If you work on Saturdays and Sundays as an advisor to club activities, you will cross the overwork death line.

All club activities will change their shape due to work style reforms in the field of education. Among them, Mr. Isozaki points out that “the impact on baseball is great.” One of the reasons is the characteristics of the competition.

Baseball has various patterns of offense and defense. It may be one way to teach efficiently in 2 hours, but it takes some time.”

Baseball-specific challenges, the absence of top executives from numerous organizations and federations



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