The cyclist Vincenzo Nibali has announced that he will retire at the end of the year

The Italian cyclist Vincenzo Nibali has announced that he will retire from competitive activity at the end of the season. There had been talk of a possible retirement of Nibali, who is 37, for some time but the official announcement came only on Wednesday, at the end of the stage of the Giro d’Italia between Catania and Messina, the city where he was born. «I’ve been waiting for this day for years to say that this is my last Giro, I’ll close at the end of the season», said Nibali: «I’m leaving cycling, to which I have given everything and which has given me so much. The time has come to give back to my family the time I have dedicated to the bike. It’s a thoughtful decision, that’s okay “.

Nibali is one of the strongest cyclists of his generation, one of the most successful in the history of Italian cycling. He was one of the few cyclists in the world (seven in all) to have won at least one edition of the three so-called Grand Tours: in the course of his career he has in fact won the Giro d’Italia twice (in 2013 and 2016), once the Tour de France (in 2014) and once the Vuelta di Spagna (in 2010). He also won, among other things, a Milan-Sanremo and two Tours of Lombardy.



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