the cuckoo that the seconds will seek to avoid

Six played, six won. Although he fell into a fairly accessible zone, in which he had no strong rivals, palm trees rounded off a sweeping group stage: It was the only team that added three in all its games. With a perfect score (18 units), he finished as the best pointer in the Liberators cup and will define all the crosses -except the final that is played in Ecuador- at home. In addition, heAbel Ferreira’s men had the luxury of breaking a record of River.

On the last day, Those from San Pablo beat Deportivo Táchira 4-1 at Allianz Parque. And to open the game, they had the help of the Venezuelan team: at 16′ of the first half, Gustavo Scarpa He shot a center shot and goalkeeper Cristopher Varela missed the ball. The midfielder also scored 2-0, from a penalty, a few minutes later.

At the start of the second half, Deportivo Táchira discounted thanks to Jean Gutiérrez, who caught a ball in the area after a corner in favor of the Venezuelans. Then, the locals accelerated again: Rony made it 3-1 and Scarpa scored his hat-trick (again from a penalty).

With the local victory, Palmeiras also pulverized a mark that -until this Tuesday- shared with the Millionaire. Total, he scored 25 goals in the group stage (his top victory was 8-1 to Independiente Petrolero, for the second date). In 2020, Those led by Marcelo Gallardo had converted 21 goals in six games.

Rony scored the third for Verdao (Reuter).

The perfect walk makes Ferreira’s team the great rival to avoid in the round of 16 draw, which will take place on Friday in Paraguay. All the seconds of the Cup will hope that the bolillero does not pair them with the Brazilians. In addition, the former will seek to make Palmeiras fall from the other in the key…

They go for the third

Besides, Verdao is a candidate to break a record in the modern era of the Libertadores. Those from São Paulo, who lifted the title in the 2020 editions (against Santos) and 2021 (against Flamengo), they are well on their way to being three-time champions in the Cup, something that has not happened since the 1970s, when the tournament had a different format and fewer teams. Who was the last to get it? Independentwho was champion in 1972, 1973 and 1974 (he also took the 1975 one).



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