The coach wants me to gain weight, says skier and snowboarder Ester Ledecká – Ž

“My coach still wants me to have more weight,” she confided to Jan Kraus, who wondered if he had to follow a special diet during the season. “But I can’t, I’m still about 69 or 70 kilos since I was fifteen.” She was skeptical that the weight would help her increase her speed. “Again, I would have to take far more weight with me – when I make that turn, it pushes me even harder,” explained the Czech queen of winter sports.

Ledecká also revealed that she can rejoice not only in Olympic gold medals. “Journalists always say about me that Olympic gold is the most valuable thing for me without asking me… No, I like all medals!” she declared.

Even though the winter is long over, the athlete is still in active training. “We go to train on the glacier, and to catch the good snow, it’s still frozen in the morning, we have to get up at half past three in the morning and go up the hill. And I’m not a big getter, so it’s a pain for me,” she complained. moderators. In order to be able to keep this rhythm, she must go to bed at eight. “The evening snow is already so slush and the coaches don’t like it. I would be for the slush as well,” she added with a laugh.

Together with Ester Ledecká, Jan Kraus invited musician Ota Balage and Hana Sternlicht – a woman who survived three concentration camps. You will see the premiere of the next part on Wednesday, May 11 at 9:35 pm in Prima.

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