the band reassures fans, “We’re just on hiatus”

Event: Full Force | Photographer: Emanuela Giurano | Date: June 28-30, 2019 | Venue: Ferropolis – Germany

I PARKWAY DRIVEafter announcing a break period, they released the following statement in which they clarify that the group has no intention of disbanding:

“The last few years have been tough for everyone. After being on tour continuously for 17 years, the lockdown posed a major challenge. As we set our minds on other creative paths, we also gained a broader perspective of the impact this band has had on ourselves.

Mental health is an ever-present problem in our society and we are no exception. When the tour started again, we found ourselves at a crossroads. Continue down the same path, risk more of doing ourselves more damage and most likely destroy the band and ourselves, or take the time to work on us and heal.

That’s what we’re doing and we know it was the correct choice in the end. Thanks again for your understanding. In the end, we are just human beings doing their best. Be nice and please talk to someone if you need help. For the record, we are here to stay ”.



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