The Archers of the Oak featured in Alexandria

Yesterday day of competition for the Arcieri della Quercia, lined up on the firing line of the Alessandria field, guests of the Archers of the city of Paglia.

In the morning it was the turn of the compounder Massimo Musso who, on 50 meters, finished in fourth position with 614 points. In the afternoon his teammates from the Olympic arc joined him: first place as usual for the senior Roberto Marengo at 70 meters with 594 points, silver medal for Valentina Marengo among the girls who gets 471 points over the distance of 40 meters, with a clear comeback in the second part, bronze for the master Patrizia Atzeni at 60 meters, with 528 points. Debut race for senior Valeria Milito on 70 meters who, with 440 points, stops at the foot of the podium while the master Marco Goi, at 60 meters, closes in ninth position with 486 points.

Next weekend the company will be busy on the field of friends and colleagues from Astco.



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