The amazing journey of Avril Haines, Director of US Intelligence

Appointed Director of American Intelligence by Joe Biden, Avril Haines is today one of the most listened to people on the future of the war in Ukraine. On Tuesday, she spoke to the US Congress and said the conflict was in danger of getting bogged down.

Avril Haines, the US intelligence chief, spoke to the US Congress on Tuesday on the war in Ukraine. She notably assured that Vladimir Putin could not be satisfied with the Donbass region in his conquest of Ukraine.

Her story is that of a New Yorker who became the most powerful spy in the world after an amazing journey. Daughter of a teacher and a painter, she lost her mother at the age of 12, victim of a long illness.

After high school, she left for Japan to learn judo. She returned to the United States and enrolled at the University of Chicago in theoretical physics. At the same time, she is passionate about car engines and spends a lot of time in car workshops.

She also passes her pilot’s license, tries to cross the Atlantic aboard a very small plane which breaks down. Luckily, that was before she was over the ocean. In the case, she has not lost everything since she falls in love with her instructor who is still her husband today.

Spotted by Barack Obama, then first woman appointed to this position

With him, she later buys a sleazy bar in Baltimore and turns it into a café-bookstore, in which she organizes evenings of erotic readings. She then resumed other studies, this time in law. She becomes a lawyer, a democratic activist, she ends up being spotted by Barack Obama, who brings her to the White House as a legal adviser, then who appoints her number two in the CIA.

And it was finally Joe Biden, who made her the head of national intelligence. First woman appointed to this post. Avril Haines heads the 18 American spy agencies including the CIA and the NSA. She is the most knowledgeable woman in the United States, perhaps in the world.

Every morning at 9 a.m., she enters the Oval Office of the White House, and she briefs the President on the most confidential files. On Tuesday, she addressed Congress about the war in Ukraine. She predicted that the conflict is likely to be very long, because according to her, Vladimir Putin intends to conquer all of southern Ukraine. And the American senators have listened to her carefully, because until now, she has never been wrong.



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