Thailand Open: Zhao Junpeng swept Taotian Guoyu and advanced to the top 16_vs_player_Chinese badminton team

Original title: Thailand Open: Zhao Junpeng swept Taotian Guoyu and advanced to the top sixteen

China News Service, Beijing, May 19. According to the Chinese badminton team, on the evening of May 18, Beijing time, the 1/32 final of the 2022 Thailand Open ended. Chen Yufei, Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan, Wang Yilyu/Huang Dongping and other main players played steadily and easily advanced; Zhao Junpeng swept Taotian Xiandou in two games and made a breakthrough; Li Shifeng successfully advanced through three consecutive passes. Guoyu performed well as a whole, and many people broke into the top sixteen.

In men’s singles, Li Shifeng, who stood out in the qualifying round, ushered in his first match. In the face of Kenta Nishimoto, who is ranked higher and more experienced than himself, he can still maintain his state and have the courage to challenge strong enemies. In the game, Li Shifeng played solidly and attacked actively, showing his own characteristics and advantages. He defeated Japanese player Kenta Nishimoto in straight sets 21-12, 21-17, and advanced to the round of 16.

Another men’s singles player, Zhao Junpeng, is challenging Japanese star Kento Momota. During the game, Zhao Junpeng kept his fighting spirit high all the time, looking for opportunities to attack in the multi-shooting and hoisting, attacking in a timely manner, and finally swept Kento Momota 21-8, 21-11 to advance. Lu Guangzu lost to Canadian player Yang Can in three rounds and missed the cut.

In the first round, the two rookies of Guoyu men’s singles performed well. They were not afraid of challenges and worked hard. They were able to bring out their own characteristics and showed the style and confidence of young people. I hope Zhao Junpeng and Li Shifeng will continue to work hard and continue to challenge!

In women’s singles, except for Han Yue, who was eliminated in the civil war, four Guoyu women’s singles players advanced to the next round. Chen Yufei, who maintained a complete victory record in the team competition, continued to make great progress, easily defeating Denmark’s Mia 21-16, 21-10. He Bingjiao eliminated teammate Han Yue to advance.

The teenager Wang Zhiyi also regained his mood and kept adjusting his state. He defeated German player Li Yifeng 21-15, 21-12 and successfully entered the next round. Facing Denmark’s Jack Sfelder, Zhang Yiman, who never gave up, fought hard for three rounds and advanced to the round of 16. The national feather women’s singles performed well as a whole, they were able to use the short rest period to adjust their state to the best, and they could actively face difficulties and problems and move forward bravely.

In doubles, young men’s doubles Wang Chang/Liang Weiken defeated Indian players 23-21, 21-11. As a new combination of men’s doubles, Wang Chang/Liang Weikeng, who participated in the high-level competition for the first time, are not afraid of tigers. They are very stable in both attack and defense, and the ball path is even more changeable. Their opponents in the next round are Japanese players Takuro Hoki / Yugo Kobayashi, I hope the teenager will continue to cheer!

There are four groups of players participating in the national feather women’s doubles, and three groups advanced to the top sixteen. Women’s Doubles No. 1 seed Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan beat the Ukrainian duo 21-13, 21-4. Zheng Yu/Zhang Shuxian also made a quick decision, defeating Thailand’s Onnica/Powanon in straight sets 21-15, 21-11, and successfully advanced. Teenagers Liu Xuanxuan/Xia Yuting defeated Chinese Taipei players Li Jiaxin/Deng Chunxun 21-15 21-10.

In this game, Liu Xia and the two performed positively, with smooth transition from offense to defense, grasping the rhythm of the game in their own hands, showing the young general’s drive and the spirit of not being afraid of failure. Another group of women’s doubles players, Du Yue/Li Wenmei, lost to Japan’s Naomi Matsuyama/Shida Chiyo in three rounds and missed the top 16.

In this Thailand Open, there are two groups of mixed doubles players participating in the main competition, and one group of players participating in the qualifying round. In the qualifying match, the teenagers Feng Yanzhe/Lin Fangling lost to Indonesian players and regrettably went out. In the main match, Wang Yilyu/Huang Dongping defeated Thai players 21-7, 21-16 and advanced easily. The IELTS combination, which was reunited again, won two games in a row after losing one game, and reversed and defeated Chinese Taipei players Yang Boxuan/Hu Lingfang.

At 2 p.m. Beijing time today, the Thailand Badminton Open will usher in the 1/16 finals. The national badminton matches are as follows:

Venue 1

Women’s Singles:

Wang Zhiyi vs Inthanon (Thailand)

Men’s singles:

Zhao Junpeng vs Wang Gaolun (Thailand)

Venue 2

Men’s singles:

Li Shifeng vs Sugiato (Indonesia)

Women’s Singles:

He Bingjiao vs Fidiani (Indonesia)

Venue 3

Women’s Singles:

Chen Yufei vs Zhang Yiman

Mixed Doubles:

Wang Yilyu/Huang Dongping vs Deyang/Vide Jiajia (Indonesia)

Women’s Doubles:

Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan vs Kuspert/Emma Mozczynski (Germany)

Venue 4

Mixed Doubles:

Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong vs Myers/Moore (England)

Women’s Doubles:

Liu Xuanxuan/Xia Yuting vs Chen Kangle/Tina (Malaysia)

Women’s Doubles:

Zhang Shuxian/Zheng Yu vs. McCann/Tigerson (Denmark)

Men’s Doubles:

Leung Wai Keng/Wang Chang vs Takuro Hoki/Yugo Kobayashi (Japan)Return to Sohu, see more


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