Taufik Hidayat is severely criticized, this is Anthony Ginting’s classy reaction

Indonesian men’s singles, Anthony Sinisuka Ginting regarding the preparation of the Indonesia Open, Taufik Hidayat’s criticism, and the strength of India. Photo: Zainal Hasan/

INDOSPORT.COM – The appearance of Indonesia’s men’s singles received sharp criticism from badminton legend Taufik Hidayat. He highlighted the declining performance.

Taufik Hidayat’s criticism is not without basis, namely because the men’s singles sector has not won the BWF Super 1000 series tournament for a long time.

“Single son, if you can say yes, is decreasing. In a sense, we just don’t have a men’s singles coach. Actually, there are many coaches, but what do they think about,” said Taufik Hidayat.

“If you look at the men’s singles last year, the Thomas Cup, the (winner) series (BWF World Tour tournament) is also not at the Super 1000 level,” he explained.

“This year has been poor. Some players should have had achievements in the Super 1000, and compete with the top players,” added the 2004 Athens Olympic gold medalist.

Regarding this criticism, the Indonesian men’s singles, Anthony Sinisuka Ginting, responded. He admitted that he had not been able to meet the PBSI target.

“Yes, there must be a time, if I personally see it, we have prepared everything well in training and others,” said Anthony Ginting.

“It’s just possible that at this time we have to pay more attention to it because from yesterday’s results, the fact is that we were not able to meet our personal and PBSI targets,” he said.



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