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In recent years, a number of top domestic and international badminton events have been held in Chengdu.Photo courtesy of Chengdu Sports Bureau

On the 15th, the 2022 Thomas Cup and Uber Cup (hereinafter referred to as the Tom Yu Cup), which represents the highest honor of the badminton team, came to an end in Bangkok, Thailand, which also means that the 2024 Tom Yu Cup officially entered Chengdu time. Although affected by the epidemic, the flag was not received at the closing ceremony of this Tangyou Cup, but it did not affect people’s enthusiasm for welcoming the 2024 Chengdu Tangyou Cup.

It is understood that the Thomas Cup is the World Men’s Badminton Team Championship, and the Uber Cup is the World Women’s Badminton Team Championship. In 1981, the former International Badminton Federation and the former World Badminton Federation merged to maintain the name of the International Badminton Federation. It was decided to hold the Thomas Cup and the Uber Cup at the same time from 1986, and the competition system was changed to every two. Held once a year.

As the world’s highest level men’s and women’s team events, the Tang You Cup is the three major team events of the World Badminton Federation together with the Sudirman Cup. In February 2021, the Chengdu Sports Bureau received a letter from the China Badminton Association: approved by the State Sports General Administration and the Badminton World Federation, Chengdu has been confirmed as the host city for the Thomas Cup and Uber Cup in 2024.

In recent years, a number of top domestic and international badminton events have been held or will be held in Chengdu. The 2020 China Badminton Super League was successfully held in Chengdu in the form of a competition system. This was also the first top-level badminton event in the country after the outbreak of the epidemic, demonstrating Chengdu’s ability to host competitions. In terms of international events, Chengdu has successfully hosted 3 Asian Badminton Elite Tournaments. Athletes such as Li Zongwei, Cai Yun, Ah Shan, Hendra, Gao Ling, Chai Biao and Chen Wenhong have all checked in Chengdu.

Badminton has a very strong mass base in Chengdu. In the “2021 Chengdu Residents Sports Consumption Survey Report” released by the Chengdu Sports Bureau last month, badminton has been “on the list” many times. Among them, badminton is the sport with the highest participation among Chengdu citizens; in terms of sports education and training consumption, badminton consumption expenditure tops the list.

According to data from the Chengdu Badminton Association, in Chengdu, more than 500,000 people have been practicing badminton for a long time. The city holds more than 300 badminton events every year, and the regularly held brand events include the Asian Badminton Elite Tournament, the Western Badminton Cultural Festival, and the Chengdu Ball King Badminton Tournament. There are more than 100 badminton halls with 4 or more badminton courts.

At present, Chengdu has Dongan Lake Sports Park, Phoenix Mountain Sports Park, High-tech Sports Center and Jinqiang International Competition Center with more than 40,000 badminton competition venues. The Tianfu Olympic Sports Park under construction is a collection of large venues, sports rehabilitation The integrated urban planning of the center, training center, and sports academies has laid a solid foundation for the landing of top international badminton events.

The arrival of the Tangyou Cup in 2024 will actively promote the development of badminton in Chengdu and even the west, meet the needs of more people to watch high-level badminton events at home, and attract more people to participate in badminton.

The 2024 Tangyou Cup Chengdu time has started. Chengdu has made preparations and insisted on in-depth practice of the concepts of “seeking competition”, “camping the city”, “prospering business” and “benefiting the people”, incorporating the new development concept into the preparations for the Chengdu Tangyou Cup in 2024, and making every effort to do a good job in preparations for the world. Dedicate a badminton event with world standards, Chinese characteristics, Bashu charm and unique experience. (Finish)

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