Summary and result of Atlético

You will rarely find it the Athletic one and Real Madrid less involved in a derby. But those of Simeone this year they are obsessed with complicating their lives under any circumstances. A penalty goal, more than questionable, ended up giving him the victory against a civil servant rival, which leaves him very close to sealing his participation in the Champions. However, the mattresses still do not convey good feelings, especially when they step in to defend the few goals they score. Two in seven games.

the derby of Metropolitan stopped importing into Madridif he did at some point, when he jumped on the field and confirmed that the Athletic one he wasted a great opportunity to show distinction. In the end the hallway did Ancelotti, which put an eleven more preseason own, and his players confirmed it with an expected indolence. The relaxation was sometimes wasted by Correa, Carrasco and Cunha who confirmed the lack of goal of the Simeone. In front of a Madrid trotter who entrenched himself in the back and forgot to attack.

The VAR opens the can

The Patxanguero rhythm of the Madrid players ended up infecting the white-and-reds, who started the duel with only three points more than the Betis in his struggle for the Champions. They needed to win to open distance in the remaining three rounds, but only Kondogbia i Carrasco they showed some intensity. The locals dominated, but their inexperienced offensive despaired their parish until in the 37th minute a run by Cunha ended with the Brazilian on the ground. The referee did not indicate a penalty, but the WAS he pointed to the party and rectified it, noticing a step on the striker when he was already falling to the ground. Carrasco took advantage of it to advance Atletico against a Madrid that did not appear in the first half.

The second half began with a more recognizable aspect: the Madrid players tried to impose their game with the ball at their feet, and Atlético, hidden behind, defended one to zero. Faced with a stress-free Madrid, only the white-and-reds could complicate their lives. And with Benzema, vinicius i Modric waiting his turn in the match was worth more to the Athletic one The game was characterized by rough play and many physical challenges on the wet field, but Simeone showed great heart and had a good game Griezmann and did not leave to call the band. Mark Llorente i Cunha they spared the lives of the whites and the party opened up to local unrest.

Carletto he was putting all the meat on the grill (Modric, Valverde, Vinicius…) i the Athletic one he was not able to seal the triumph. With twenty minutes to go before the match was more and more compromised for the locals. Valverde he warned twice and responded Griezmann, which has not been marked since January, with two more very clear. Crossfire. Carrasco he sent her to the post with the Metropolitan lit i cloud saved the victory in 88. In the end all three points were pocketed, but with great suffering, in a game in which there was a corridor, but d’Ancelotti i from VAR to the Athletic one.



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