Suffering, but closer (0-1)

Win in the field of leather and already descended Alcorcon it was an obligation. No excuse would have served to justify anything that would not have been a victory. That the victory was non-negotiable did not mean that it would be easy to achieve it and the Girona he was well aware of it. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly in the first half, and they’re doing well in the first half. However, the lack of aim of Girona, yesterday evidenced above all -as incredible as it may seem- with two penalties missed by Stuani, made the score at the end of the first was only 0-1 (Stuani m.40). The minimum advantage meant that Girona had to suffer, nothing out of the ordinary, in the second half when the Madrid team looked for a draw. Those of Micheloutscored by the opponent, were playing with fire for a few minutes but in the end they did not burn and added three gold points in the race to the play-off. The rivals did not fail and this means that the advantage is still 4 points over the seventh, the ponferradine.

Girona started the game as it should. Míchel’s players now seemed to think the job was done and acted more defensively, just waiting for the ref to blow the final whistle. In fact, they could have ruled the game out before half an hour of play. The goalkeeper Jesus Ruiz became the main protagonist of a few minutes where Girona continued with the aim out of tune following the dynamics of the last game in Cartagena. Brothers he was the first to attempt it after receiving great assistance from Stuani. The local goalkeeper avoided it with a great intervention that would be repeated in a few minutes on an even clearer occasion for Girona. In this case, it was Stuani, from eleven meters, who saw how Jesus Ruiz guessed his intention and diverted a shot halfway Doll and a centered shot. There were no ways. The left post of the cross would prevent that, after a few minutes, Juanpe make the goal of the season with a poisoned cocoa from outside the area.

The line was correct. Girona generated a lot and had made a lot of money to get ahead. He finally got it right in a stoppage time action in which Juanpe gave in from a header so that Stuani, also from the head, shot to the back of the home goal. Now, Girona had opened the scoring and the game had to go downhill. Even the team could have liquidated Alcorcón in the addition of the first half in a penalty indicated by the WAS on Aleix Garcia after checking that Stuani was not in offside, as the referee had indicated. The Uruguayan, however, did not have the day, and sent to the clouds the second launch from eleven meters in the afternoon. See it to believe it.

The second penalty missed by Stuani prevented Girona from sentencing a game in which, in the first half, they had very clear chances to go to the locker room with 0-5. He had not done so and the advantage was minimal, with the risk involved. The resumption began with a small step forward of Alcorcón especially in intensity and fouls, which cost them a good bunch of yellow cards. The Madrid team nailed a good scare in the first arrival of the game in a header Borja Valle which came out for not long. With Baena hot, Michel sent the Andalusian to the bench to get in Samu Saiz. Alcorcón, meanwhile, made a triple offensive change (Appeh, Moyano i Friar) half an hour ahead, a sign that he was not giving up. In this sense, an offside indicated by the VAR saved Girona from being left with one man less because Juan Carlos he had cut a local danger action with his hands out of the area.

Girona had lost their freshness and saw Alcorcón start to eat meters, especially in the middle of the field, and with balls on the backs of the white-and-vernell central defenders. Seeing this, Michel decided to let him in Bebe in place ofIvan Martin to strengthen the midfield and try to have more ball. With Stuani was i Borja Garcia Samu Saiz was uncomfortable with the soggy pitch as he couldn’t move the ball around with his usual grace.

The minutes went by and it was time to show, who would have said in the first half, endurance. It’s not that Alcorcón pressed the accelerator and subjected the people of Girona to something to say; however, it is true that in the last half hour of the second half, he took the ball to Girona. And it is already known that if this Girona does not have the ball, he is not comfortable and suffers. The uncertainty of the scoreboard made the game open and, surely more from home or from the bench suffered more than on the field of play, where Alcorcón, more with the heart than with the head, often the three-quarter zone and hanging balls in the Girona area without consequences. More danger could have been a foul -necessary- on the front of the area from Juanpe to Appeh, which Hugo Friar crashed into the barrier in the last clear danger action of the match. Girona had been saved and a well-prized booty was taken home. The work, however, is not yet done and you will have to keep pedaling to secure the play-off in the last four days.



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