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The National soccer team It was completed with the arrival of the legionnaires and the players who played the final of the national championship on Sunday, with a view to the four commitments that they will hold in the first days of June within the framework of the League of Nations, in League B.

The blue and white, directed by the Mexican Luis Fernando Tena, does not have much time, since he must immediately pack his bags to travel to French Guiana, where on Thursday in his capital, Cayenne, the local team will be measured at the start of the
contest (3:00 p.m.).

Antonio de Jesús Chucho López, a Necaxa player, has already been working with the group for a week.

The National Football Federation (Fedefut) He had shared that for this trip he rented a charter flight, because on commercial airlines it would take him 27 hours to complete the route that he will do on a direct flight in only 6.

Among the legionnaires who saw activity yesterday is the player from Real Salt Lake de la MLS, Rubio Mendez Rubin, who recently acquired the documentation to play with the bicolor and could debut on Thursday. Rubín arrived in our country on Sunday night.

The naturalized Guatemalan was surprised to see a crowd of journalists waiting for him at La Aurora International Airport, even though his flight landed after 10:00 p.m.

“I’m happy to be here. The goal is 2026 (the World Cup); It is the commitment that we all have and that is why I am here. Thank God, Real Salt Lake gave me the opportunity to come, because we have a game next week”were his first words after crossing the gate of the air terminal.

“Many children and adults have the desire to see this team in a World Cup and I want to stand out with this team. I feel the pressure like any footballer, but he’s good at fighting for the goal.”said the player of three nationalities, originally from Portland, USA, of a Mexican father and a Guatemalan mother, from Pajapita, San Marcos.

Luis Fernando Tena summoned 6 players from the creams and 5 from the reds.

“My objective is to contribute with goals, always look for the rival goal, and for me it is a great opportunity to continue my development. I am motivated for what is to come”, emphasized Rubio Rubín.

“For me, any match, whether friendly or competitive, is just as important and I play to win it”, concluded the attacker. The blue and white will return immediately, as on Sunday they will host Belize at the Doroteo Guamuch Flores Stadium.

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