SSV Wehrden’s “rookie program” aims to get beginners fit for the Weserbergland triathlon in Höxter

Höxter district (TKu). On August 28th, 2022, the third Weserbergland Triathlon invites you back to Höxter, where hundreds of participants will swim, cycle and run for the best places. In order to get fit for the triathlon in seven weeks, the Spiel- und Sportverein (SSV) Germania Wehrden is offering a so-called rookie program for everyone for the first time. A rookie, in German: beginner or newcomer, is an athlete who is still inexperienced in professional sports. The term comes from the United States of America (American football, baseball, etc.). The SSV Germania Wehrden is now looking for beginners who want to be prepared for the Weserberglandtriathlon during the first rookie program, which starts on July 11, 2022 with a first evening to get to know each other. The association would like to get the participants fit for the major event on August 28, 2022 at Lake Godelheim in just seven weeks.

Benjamin Krog, the club’s first chairman, explains how the program will continue after July 11: In order to get the participants fit for the triathlon in just seven weeks, they have to train three times a week. The guided training sessions take place on Tuesdays from 7 p.m. with an hour and a half of running training, on Wednesdays with an hour of swimming training from 7 p.m. and on Saturdays with a two-hour cycling training session from 11 a.m. The times are provisional and could possibly change. “Qualified trainers are available in all three disciplines. In preparation, there will also be a workshop with rules and lectures, as well as special training units, such as open water swimming or alternating training,” explains the chairman, Benjamin Krog.

During the seven weeks you will temporarily be a full member of the SSV Germania Wehrden club, says Krog, who also adds what you should bring with you as a prerequisite for completing the training program: “Above all, a desire to train intensively, but also with a lot of fun prepare for day X and good health and general fitness. You should be able to walk about five kilometers and cycle 20 kilometers. It would be ideal if you can crawl or at least have attended a beginner’s course. Fun in the group and a certain ability to work in a team are also part of it,” says Krog.

Even if you are made fit for the competition, the overall victory of the sporting event should not be aimed at. Benjamin Krog, who as a cycling trainer organizes this program together with Alexander Klaus (swimming training) and Jens Multhaup (running training), reports that professional equipment is also not necessary. However, everyone has to book their own starting place at the Weserbergland Triathlon. The costs for a single start are 99 euros for non-members and 49 euros for club members.

The following applies to relay registrations: Non-members pay 79 euros per starter, while members only pay 29 euros per starter. However, non-members receive full, temporary membership in SSV Germania Wehrden eV during the rookie program. Registrations are already being accepted by the organizers for both the rookie program and the Weserberglandtriathlon. More detailed information on the rookie project can be found at and the upcoming Weserberglandtriathlon

The association also answers any questions about this by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spam bots! To display JavaScript must be turned on! or directly via the contact form on the SSV Wehrden website.

Photos: Thomas Kube (1) and club (1)



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