Sprint for the Provincial Games | Say no to hardships, no tiredness, Xi’an basketball aims at the championship

Sprint for the Provincial Games | Say no to hardships, no tiredness, Xi’an basketball aims at the championship

2022-05-31 09:33:28Source: Xi’an News Network

The 17th Shaanxi Provincial Games will be opened in Yulin on August 6 this year. In order to prepare for the Provincial Games, the Xi’an basketball team will not say hard or tired, the coaches will guide on the spot, and the athletes will sweat like rain. “Our men’s and women’s basketball teams have won championships in provincial competitions for many years in a row. The goal of this provincial games is to maintain our advantage and continue to attack the gold medal. At present, the preparations of each team are good, and everyone is confident to achieve good results in the provincial games. !” said Li Qiang, deputy director of the Xi’an Basketball, Volleyball, and Tennis Sports Management Center.

The new center is developing rapidly

Xi’an Basketball, Volleyball, and Tennis Sports Management Center was established in April 2018. Although compared with many other projects, the basketball management center was established relatively late, but it has developed rapidly. Compared with the past, it is more efficient in personnel selection, training and preparation, and hiring coaches. Shows higher efficiency. Participating in the Provincial Games is the first major task the center faces after its establishment. Li Qiang, deputy director of the center, said: “After the last Provincial Games, our center’s personnel structure was established, and the focus of our work is on the layout of this Provincial Games. We are currently There are three in-service coaches, and a number of professional coaches have been hired at the grassroots training sites. There are more than ten coaches who have contributed to Xi’an basketball throughout the preparation stage. Each team has its own coaches, and the preparation plans are also very targeted. sex.”

The center also attaches great importance to the training of reserve talents. Li Qiang revealed: “We have formulated a detailed development plan. First, we must not only focus on the quality of training points, but also expand the number of training points, so that more reserve talents can be found; second , As the new training center in the port area is put into use, we will increase the frequency of weekend games, use the games as a substitute to inspect and select players, and use winter and summer vacations to conduct training camps; third, basketball has a wide audience and a large number of participants, but young people play basketball Mainly focusing on physical fitness, the center will formulate guiding opinions on improving the level of competition for youth basketball in the next step, so that young athletes are not limited to physical fitness, but also have a competitive color. In addition, we will continue to support the development of basketball schools , to promote the integration of sports and education!”

Sweat for expansion

Different from the last Provincial Games, the Yulin Provincial Games has expanded basketball from the previous two groups of men and women to four groups of men and women, Group A and Group B. Li Qiang, deputy director of the center, told reporters: “This year’s Provincial Games. Divided by age, we have a total of 48 athletes from four teams participating in the competition, and we have selected outstanding athletes from schools with better development of basketball programs to prepare for this provincial games, such as the High School Affiliated to Jiaotong University, Tie No. 1 High School, and Gaoxin No. 1 High School.”

With the approaching of the Provincial Games, Xi’an basketball players have entered a critical stage in their preparations, practicing physical fitness, techniques, and tactics. Athletes sweat in the basketball hall of the Municipal Youth Sports School every day. and technical actions. Coach Xingjian has been engaged in youth basketball training for more than 20 years, and has rich experience in preparing for competitions. “This period of training is very important. We basically train 6 to 7 days a week, and we need to ensure about three hours a day. Holidays , I have to practice in the afternoon!” Xingjian coach said.

In the face of such a large amount of training, the children in the training camp did not say that they were bitter or tired. Sun Longfei from the High School Affiliated to Xi’an Jiaotong University said with a smile: “I started playing basketball at the age of 11, and it has been 6 years now, and I liked it very much back then. Vince Carter had a gorgeous dunk, so he persisted. I was very excited to participate in the provincial games for the first time. I used to train in school for three hours before, so I am used to it. I just want to hone myself and prove my strength through competition. .”

Stay confident

In Shaanxi Province’s competitions, the basketball project in Xi’an is in an advantageous position all the year round, and the results of the provincial competitions in the past three years after the establishment of the new center are also very good. According to the schedule, the Xi’an basketball team will arrive in the competition area at the end of July, and the official 12-man team will not be determined until ten days before the departure. Li Qiang, deputy director of the center, explained: “Our women’s team A and B are coming from across the province. It is said to belong to the leading level; the men’s team A and B also have a certain strength, but because the basketball project is very popular among young people, and excellent reserve talents are available in all cities, so the final result depends on the actual performance. Xi’an youth basketball sports in the province The foundation is good, but we are also under pressure, because the team has to strive to win the championship, but there is pressure to have motivation, and after careful preparations in the early stage, we are still confident to maintain the advantage.”

At present, there are only more than 2 months left before the start of the Provincial Games. Coach Xingjian also said frankly: “The preparations have indeed reached the final sprint stage. In 2018, various cities and regions have attached great importance to the development of youth basketball, and the gap with us is gradually narrowing, and we also have a certain sense of crisis. Now the children in the team have to take care of going to school. After all the holidays, all players can gather in early July. At that time, the team will take the form of intensive training to make the final sprint for the preparations for the Provincial Games. We firmly believe that hard work will pay off in the end, and everyone is full of expectations for the achievements of the Provincial Games.”

Text/Wang Ruitu/Reporter Wang Jian

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