Sporting village Soriano at the ribbon cutting

Soriano nel Cimino – Saturday 4 June with the Olympic swimming champion Massimiliano Rosolino

Lo Sporting village Soriano

Soriano nel Cimino – We receive and publish – In Soriano nel Cimino the countdown has started for the ribbon cutting of the Sporting village Soriano, a sporting reality in the Viterbo area ready to give the official status of its being. Born in 2018, the Cimino association waited for its roots in the territory before giving the official “la”. And here it should be added that the staff of the Sporting village Soriano has been able to “hold up” to the various lockdowns, keeping an active and active structure that allows you to practice multiple disciplines, from swimming to archery, from modern pentathlon to baseball passing through chess and bowls. All disciplines “followed” by qualified instructors.

The appointment for the official “baptism” – which is sponsored by Coni Lazio and by the municipalities interested in the sporting initiatives of the center – is set for 11 on Saturday 4 June. Present were the deus ex machina of the Sporting village Simone Bonolo, the president and the provincial delegate of the regional Coni Riccardo Viola and Ugo Baldi, and with them the mayors of Bassano Romano, Bomarzo, Canepina, Caprarola, Carbognano, Soriano nel Cimino, Vallerano, Vasanello and Vignanello. And again, the president of the mountain community of the Cimini mountains Eugenio Stelliferi and Enzo Corso, coordinator of the Libertas regional presidents. Guest star the Olympic swimming champion Massimiliano Rosolino.

Educamp 2022, the synergy with Ukrainian mothers and children, these are the main themes of the d-day in June, the starting point of “a summer on the move” framed not only by sport, but also and above all by the water park of the Sporting village Tabby.

Sporting village Soriano

12 maggio, 2022



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